luke v2

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  1. onderon

    Star Wars SOLD

    Hi, I'd like to sell my 7Chambers MoM Hero Standard Edition. It is untouched, I did not have the time to work on it. Those who are not familiar with it, it is FX capable and said to be the most accurate Luke Hero version available right now. Asking only what I paid for it + shipping. Shipping...

    Apollo Industries Prop Gallery

    Greetings Everyone! This thread will be to display my work, including personal projects as well as a few client commissions. Here, i’ll show updates of props in my collection, and props i’m working on. (Please feel free to ask questions or give advice on accuracy, or techniques that are useful!)...
  3. onderon

    Star Wars SOLD

  4. mgenovese312

    Star Wars Anakin Starkiller V2-ANH edition

    Looking to sell my AS V2-painted like the stunt used by Alec Gunniess in ANH. It comes with a spinning neck and is a static build. The price does include PP fees and shipping for US buyers. International please pm me for shipping details.
  5. NagorbArt

    Luke v2 hand chipped paint

    Thought I'd share my recent work on my V2 . I decided to have a go and hand chip the paint. I'm pretty happy with the end result :) it's not 100% accurate but I think I got it pretty close given the method. Also might darken up the brown on the neck, it looks a little light.
  6. Welsh Pirate

    The Antihero - Custom Luke v2 finishing

    So I finally coughed up the dough to one of Roman's gorgeous steel v2's. Beauty shot: So I have to be honest; as much as I'm a fan of the v2's form, I'm not crazy about the paint job. So, I'm going to do an idealized version. At first I thought about giving it the color scheme of the hero, but...

    Screen Accurate Lightsaber Commissions

    APOLLO INDUSTRIES is now open for Screen Accurate Lightsaber commissions! I do a lot of V2’s but if you have any other saber you want custom painted, weathered or assembled in accurate orientation, I do that as well. PM, or email me about the project you would like to have done. I’ve been doing...

    Luke Skywalker "Ahch-to" native island style Saber storage crate Ideas??

    Thought about building a some sort of native island storage crate for Luke's (retired?) green lightsaber. Supposedly it is in the care of some of the native island caretakers. Ideas on the lore of the island? The language? Common materials available there? If we could gather some info, we could...

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