Luke V2 physical damage help

Media Man

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Does anyone have a sort of template for the physical damage present on the V2? I'm finally getting around to working on my DS2V2 after having it sit around for a year and a half. My biggest struggle is trying to figure out the emitter dents and have been scared to start as I don't wanna mess it up. Another thing is the pommel marks as it's hard to see them in reference photos. I've gone through Danny's great thread and it's been a huge help! Thank you in advance.
I was able to cobble this together from the different angles in the Mark Hamill Video as well as dave p and halliwax references.... I posted it but got no feed back... this is what i used for mine... and i think it came out great.... However I have yet to get any feedback on the accuracy.

Awesome looks pretty sweet to me! Definitely will be helpful. I'll send a message to Halliwax to see what he thinks about it.

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