Looking for buttons / switches of specific size?


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Greetings All !

I'm building a Dr. Who K-9. And I'm on a deadline, so some things will have to be rushed.

K-9's control pad has 12 buttons that are 1 inch by .75 inches (25mm x 19mm) .... and then two buttons that are 1.5" by 1.5" square (38mm) .

Now, I could theoretically hunt down either actual working switches of that dimension... or just buy the colored switch covers and maybe shove LED's underneath them.
Any advice on where to find either switches or covers of those dimensions?

Been checking eBay and the rectangular switches I'm finding are just a bit shy of those dimensions. And I'm not even finding any covers / lenses at all. Not sure if I'm using the right keywords to try to find them.


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I think I may have found my answer. Two different series of transparent lens caps for buttons. The EAO 01 series has no white lenses currently in-stock, so I pulled up the EAO 31 series, which does. Looks like I can get the smaller buttons for about $25 + shipping. Guess I'll hunt their site some more for the larger ones.

8 perf

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Have you looked at Mouser or Digikey? I think they are owned by the same parent company so selection may be duplicated.


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Try a company called Newark. I have bought switch lenses from them before and they carry the standard colors.
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