Done / Completed ‘Ghostbusters’ Ecto Goggles

Rhett J Martin

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Back at it! And even cheaper than our run two years ago! You’ll also be saving additional $$ by buying here than on Etsy!

Our newest member to our prop replica family! Our Ecto Goggles ver. 10.0 are molded from real world AN/PVS-5 frames and it's parts! All screw construction along with retooling of our lenses, knobs, and beyond!

Our replica features:

-the most accurate and well built replica on the market (long road getting here!)
-Color cast parts NO PAINT!
-Vinyl, mylar, brushed metallic and dry transfer decals, crisp and clear and laser printed!
-Screw, bolt, and real DOT snap construction
-laser cut clear acrylic lenses
-rotating lenses, securely attached
-posable 'top' lenses
-detailed interior parts with false wiring, meant to mimic the operations of the real vintage nvgs
-light, and comfortably padded for extended wear
-cast in impact resistant resin, so belt wear is not a problem
-strong elastic headstrap, featuring vintage cap, as well as correct hardware for extreme accuracy
-custom headstrap (add your 'sideburn to sideburn' measurement in notes section during checkout)
-lots of room for electronics (a setup is currently being worked on)

In kit form, it should take between 1-3 hours of assembly. We’ll be creating build videos, live build-alongs, and maybe even some special guests!

Parts will be neatly and safely bagged into subassemblies. Parts will also be trimmed, and ready for fast assembly. We recommend Testors window glue for the clear lenses. Snaps, head strap hardware, and wires will all be installed.

PayPal links:

Full build $230 plus shipping

Kit $190 plus shipping

Follow on TikTok: @rhett1701
Instagram: @rjmartin1701
Or find us on FB: Rhett J. Martin

Thanks all! Always a pleasure to be here on the RPF!



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These are selling well on Etsy, can’t wait to get these into peoples hands! Follow me on TikTok, @rhett1701 for videos and a detailed look at these amazing goggles!

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