Lifesize Terminator 1 Arnold build

that has to be the coolest thing i have ever seen hahaha. looks super reel, great job man, now do darth vader in his final dying moments with his helmet off and you will be my here :D
Oh my. Well, I guess you know what it feels like to have Arnold staring at you all day. That is simply fantastic work. Keep it up.
This is a great tutorial. I love what you've done with the spring hinges.

thanks for sharing and we'd love to see more progress!! :thumbsup
This looks fantastic!!

I've been on a bit of a Terminator kick recently. I'm trying to get pieces together to wear (even though I am a puny wimp:unsure). I'm curious, what are you using for the studs on the left boot? I'm watching a pair of similar biker boots on eBay, but I have no clue what to use for the extra part.

I want to reiterate again how amazing this build is! Great work, indeed.
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