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Hi guys, new to the forum here! Awesome stuff goin on here. Anyway, I've recently started working on a lifesize Arnold from T1, somethin I've been wanting to do for years. I've had a Howard S. bust for years but never tried to paint it. I bought a T1 Arnold bust from Godaiking, not sure if he posts on this forum or not. Awesome bust, awesome paint job. He actually has one on Ebay right now.

Anyway, on to what I've got so far. Here is a pic of the Ar-18 that I just acquired. Being an airsoft gun, I took it apart, and took out what I could to lighten it up a bit, as I want to have him in a shooting from the hip pose. Its still pretty heavy. The hand would have to be pretty damn sturdy to support it.
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Here's a cheap airsoft Spas I got. I'll definitely have to do a repaint, looks a little to toyish right now, and the obvious orange barrel tip.
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These are the gloves I'm gonna try to use
View attachment 64918

I printed out some pics of Arnold to the height of the mannequin, which was a little over 6'2", to use for measurements.
View attachment 64920

The side view I printed, I cut an outline from it to a big piece of cardboard to hang on the side of the mannequin, just to help me out a little when I was bubble wrapping it.
View attachment 64919

Couple more views of the manny bulked up.
View attachment 64928
View attachment 64929
View attachment 64930

Some pics with the clothes I've picked up.
View attachment 64931
View attachment 64932
Between the weight of the jacket and the weight of the gun being held at the waist, no way the mannequin doesn't fall over. I'm thinkin about tryin my hands at a duct tape dummy filled with pvc structure and foam spray, and attached to a base of some sort, otherwise I can't pose it the way I want. Anyone have experience with this?

This is getting a little long, so I'll throw a couple pics of the bust and call it a day.
View attachment 64936
View attachment 64937

Any comments, tips, tricks, whatever, would be greatly appreciated. Oh yeah here is a pic of the pose I'd like to do.
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Holy moly, that looks stupendous. First of all welcome to the forum man! secondly, that looks terrific. I think the idea of printing the lifesize was genius, what a great idea. And how you executed it was even more genius. You put a lot of work into this and it shows!
Thanks for the compliments, I appreciate it. The pants, I got from Old Navy. I actually bought 2 pairs, slightly different colors. The one I don't have pictured has a little bit of a brownish tint to it. For the life of me, I can't seem to figure out what the exact color of his pants are. Some pics look gray to me, others look kinda brownish. All the toys and statues that have come out always seem to be a brownish color. Here's a link to them

The jacket, I got off Ebay, its one of those 25th anniversary jackets. There is still some things about the jacket that aren't movie accurate, but it does the job. I got it in the largest size, XXL.

The T-shirt was done by Godaiking, with all the little markings. I'm not totally sure on the color of the shirt in the movie either. Is it gray, or a blueish color, I can't quite tell.

The gloves are driving gloves I got off Amazon, this here Damascus D60LT Dyna-Thin Leather Gloves with Thin Outlast Linings, X-Large: Home Improvement

I know their not accurate, but its the best I could find, with what I see in the movie.

Same with the boots, overall look is there, but its definitely not accurate, I was trying to compromise between price and looks. Eddie Moran Men's Em898 Boot: Shoes

My big hurdles now are how to make it more sturdy and making arms, hands for this thing.
godaiking is an excellent artist! I bought that head as well and it is the best one out there, period. It is looking good so far, can we get a front shot? one of the shots looks like his head is tilting a bit. Nevertheless, fantastic!
Yeah, you're seeing right, the head is on a slight tilt, due to the mannequin. I didn't feel like doing anything about it, since its not too blatant. I feel like it adds a little life to it, even tho it is a robot:). I'm also thinkin since he'll have the Spas propped on his shoulder, it will actually look kinda natural.

Gogaiking did a great job with this bust, it makes me want to pull out that Howard S bust, just to try to mimic the paint job he did on this thing. I showed a buddy of mine a pic on my celphone, just showin the head and jacket, he thought it was real.
If you ever decide to ditch the jacket for the real deal, hit up Bates Leather in South Cali. The made the jackets for both T1 and T2. ;)
Is this going to be in a case?

You mean like a big display case? No, I wouldn't know how to go about something like that anyway. I do want to make poseable arms, and be able to easily get to it, to do so. It would be nice tho, to have a airtight case, so I don't have to worry about dust and spider webs:lol
Nice man love it so far! I got a T2/T3 in progress as well, my thread is posted here. A lot of fun and quite a challenge! :)
looking bad ass...sounds weird..but the hair REALLY nails it..the little things ALWAYS add up to make that little extra...and the hair is that extra. Love the idea nd pose you're going for....Also love the earlier costume he wore the M65 army jacket. Can't wait to see it finished...can almost here the music of Terminator now. :cool
That's looking dead-on with original Terminator Arnold! Your proportions look great! It definitely makes a difference having a mannequin with the proper proportions.
Nice job on your T1 display so far.

Getting the arms posed & sturdy to hold the gun properly will the hardest challenge.
Getting the jacket to fit over the arms & the gloves on the hands is a real pain.

That guy is making a killing on those Arnold busts at $1500 a head which makes for an really expensive display once finished.:eek
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