Interest Lifesize Super Battle Droid Kits and Finished Builds


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Hi all,

I've been pretty busy for the past few months, but my 3D printing farm was sitting idle, so I decided to churn out this beast:

This is the Super Battle Droid from the Star Wars Prequels, printed from 3D files by Project 842 on Etsy:

Fully finished, this guy will stand 6'4" tall. Here's a digital render next to my 5'7" digital stand-in for scale:

The files are very detailed and designed with some degree of poseability in mind. For example, here's the right hand:

When it's done, it'll have jointed fingers and the thumb is mounted on a ball joint for even greater articulation. This is typical of the entire model.

Now that I've got a gap in my regular work schedule, I'm going through the tedious process of filling and sanding and fairing out all of the seams to make it ready for paint:

As you can imagine, it's a tremendous amount of work to get rid of all of the print lines for a piece of this scale. In order to make it more durable than an ABS printed shell, I've been contemplating molding it. I've already gotten permission to sell casts from the modeler, and I figure I can justify the time and money necessary to do this if I can get five people on board to make a run of kits and/or finished droids.

The final piece will have a fiberglass main body for a strong, lightweight structure. The arm and leg parts will be resin cast with steel armature parts cast inside to support the weight of the droid. Total price for a raw kit would be $2,200 plus shipping and a finished droid using automotive grade urethane paints and weathering, with all of the parts ready to bolt together and display will be $3,800 plus shipping. It's a big ticket item that will cost me a lot of time and materials to make, so I'd need a non-refundable 40% deposit in order to put you on the list and the remaining 60% plus shipping cost once your droid is packed and ready to ship.

If this is something you'd be serious about buying, please post a comment below and we'll get a list going.
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Is there really nobody interested in getting one of these?

Is it priced too high? Would a pit droid be more interesting? I'm working on that too. He's the little guy to the left in this pic:

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