Lets Do The Idiot Challange-it will be fun


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gonk droid.jpg


As you can see, very simple to make. Won't cost you a dime. The challenge is to go to any store that sells these components and simply stack them together in a random isle in the store, take a picture and leave it there. If you for some reason end up in a store where a fellow member already did this, place yours next to it and shoot pictures.

Post them right here on this thread. Start any time you want. GO!!!

Harmless idiot prank that will be pretty fun. (I'm actually laughing as I type)
What say you??
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Oh yeah. It is all fun and games until...

You assemble your little Gonk variant, dropping the last piece into place when...


a bright FLASH of lightning, a BOOM of thunder knocks you down long enough to see a perfectly sculpted human hand reach out and kiss life into your creation.

Like a freshly imprinted baby chick, it begins following you around.



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So--- let's do this thing.:cool:
No timeline, no limit, no start date. Just do it when you go to any store that sells product like or close enough to the gonk above.

Remember, stealth and speed mean everything here. Maybe gather the goods in a cart, push it around the store and when no one is looking, STRIKE!! --Don't forget to get a picture and then post here. Also make sure to leave it built in the store for others to see.

You're only stacking parts. Not gluing or anything like that.


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SOOOooo many products my work sells (various concrete supplies) are similar to a light saber handle. I've lost count at how many times our warehouse manager has told me, "Its NOT a light saber Michael" as she walks off rolling her eyes....

I now wonder what other stuff I can assemble.....


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Man, I was in a hurry when I was at the Despot the other day getting plywood, I plum forgot to do this! Next time, I frequent hives of scum and villainy such as this often... well done Kevin, keep the fire lit! *GONK*

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