Knull (God Of The Symbiotes)


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Hello All,

With quarantine going on I decided to get started on a Knull/Necrosword build, for the base chest/back I used the "Adonis" pattern from Kamui cosplay then tweaked it to my liking. Everything else was done by drawing onto different size Eva Foam from Michaels. The same goes for the Necrosword,10mm foam, metal rod for stability, 3/4" PVC pipe for the handle (Home Depot) and Foam Clay (tendrils). All the paint for the sword was Rustoleum spray paint dirtied up with shoe polish. The Dragon symbol has been painted I'll be giving it the same treatment as the Necrosword. Other pieces are primed, I'm looking for suggestions paint for the armor plates, I have way more WIP pics but I'm not trying to overload this thread, if there's anything specific LMK and I can upload more as well, oh also thanks! for looking :devil:

20200504_170447.jpg 20200504_170510.jpg 20200509_212945.jpg 20200513_185853.jpg 20200513_185916.jpg 20200422_195425.jpg 20200426_165939.jpg 20200430_174346.jpg 20200430_174233.jpg

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