Thor God of Thunder Helmet build

Thor God of Thunder (current comics) Helmet build for cosplay at Anime Expo 2015.

Overall pretty good, though I ran into the typical time crunch at the end which led to cutting corners in the paint area. First time making a helmet, foam part was relatively easy though I would go will a brand name contact cement rather than the VOC free stuff I bought (at Home Depot)

-EVA foam
-1/8th inch Sintra sheets
-Contact cement and Loctite gel control super glue
-Rustoleum 2X primer and Metallic Chrome
-Blades of Exact Zero (Xacto)
-Dremel (grinding)
-Bondo spatula

Nephew (cosplaying Odinson) fooling around with the helmet.

View attachment 498195
'Wings' - I did the wings first. The shape is a bit complex so I made a mold out of SmoothOn Air Epoxy in the shape, heated the Sintra template and then pressed it onto the mold with EVA molded to the mold. I did this so I could press evenly. I cut out the center oval for a better press shape, and then cut and new one and pressed it through the hole. Added Xacto cuts to simulate tooling.
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I found a helmet tutorial and made a very basic helmet out of EVA. To get the conical shape I made a cone out of construction paper and glued it to the top of the helmet and then started layering in Bondo, with general 150 grit sanding in the between. I then cut shaped the face area with a mannequin head and cut out the eyes.

00008.JPG 00007.JPG

From there I made the 'ram horn' shape that is on the front of the helmet out of 1/8th Sintra and feathered/sanded Bondo for shape. Before I glued the 'ram horn' symbol I sanded and polished (1500 grit) the bondo underneath.
00006.JPG 00005.JPG 00004.JPG

I really needed two more days of sanding prior to painting but I was out of time.
00003.JPG View attachment 498222 View attachment 498223

Again, came out fine for the 'six feet' from the camera cosplay pics. Will post the rest of the Thor props, and Lady Sif's props in separate threads.

- - - Updated - - -

00001.JPG 00002.JPG IMG_0304.JPG
Sorry, pics that are missing from above. . .


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This is the best Thor helmet guide that I have found! All I am missing from my Esad Ribic Thor cosplay is the helmet so this will greatly help me get the foundation down!


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Done very well! With Bondo being brittle, wouldn't it break or crack if you flexed the EVA foam too much? Or is the EVA foam pretty stiff at this point?
That's a good point that I didn't think of. . . what I didn't take a picture of, or mention in the writeup was that I glued a 1 1/2" band of Sintra around they back perimeter of the helmet, around the sides and back from the face Sintra piece. Essentially giving circumferential (if that is a word) rigidity to the EVA portion. I'll take a pic of the interior and the wing attach points so everyone can laugh. . ."Pay no attention to the prop amateur behind the curtain!"
Here is a better look at the interior. The EVA is more like a small skull cap and the Sintra (three pieces, 1) Face piece 2) Left side 3) Right side) wrap around the lower portion of the EVA 'helmet'. I feathered in Bondo over the Sintra. Not an elegant solution but one born of lack of experience. To your point, if I dropped it, it would likely crack/shatter . . .
For helmet, chestarmor, and hammer it was the Rustoleum 'Painters Touch' 2X 'Flat White Primer'. Due to time constraints it was one quick coat and then the Metallic 'Chrome' on top.
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