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  1. Thain

    MCU Spider-Man 'Homemade' Webshooters Kit

    One extra set of resin 'homemade' webshooters from Spider-Man: Homecoming from my recent run. These are the most accurate replicas of these webshooters you can find, using all the same hardware as the real props. Many many many hours of research and a handful of talented folks went into making...
  2. Botzae

    Need help regarding stained spider-man fabric

    Hey, new on here, made an account just for this. So I’m currently doing a classic black and red spidey suit with red and black fabrics. My black fabrics for some reason turned brown despite them being in the package, naturally I tried washing them going off of Spideyfit’s how to wash suits...
  3. ciancon

    Mysterio (Spiderman: Far From Home)

    Hi guys, back in October of last year I completed a Mysterio costume that I was pretty pleased with. Now, thanks to the lockdown, I've finally gotten around to documenting all the work that went into the project. There's a bit too much information to include in one blog post, so check out the...
  4. K

    Green Goblin Mask

    Hi Iam thinking about making a green goblin costume for Halloween and found this latex mask on Amazon I was thinking of using as a base, only problem is I have never worked with latex before and I have no idea how to paint it
  5. Jamesdruffin

    Knull (God Of The Symbiotes)

    Hello All, With quarantine going on I decided to get started on a Knull/Necrosword build, for the base chest/back I used the "Adonis" pattern from Kamui cosplay then tweaked it to my liking. Everything else was done by drawing onto different size Eva Foam from Michaels. The same goes for the...
  6. R

    vulcher spider man home coming

    so i dip in and out all the time but this is my first post so lets start with a bang im looking to start making the vulcher wings back pack and exo legs so ideas time wing span of 7m total each wing at about 3.5 m feather to first hinge point 140cm first hinge to secend hinge 2.10cm...
  7. JDVaughan17

    7 Piece Spider-Man Suit

    What’s up guys, I’m back, I’m making my second 7 piece spidey suit. Let’s get right into it. So the base suit was purchased from ZentaiZone. It used their red and deep blue fabrics. The first thing I did was attach some snaps around the waist. I got these snaps from Walmart. I ended up using 5...
  8. A

    Im working on a 1:1 TASM 1 Web SHooter Replica, But I Need Your Help

    Hello, my name is Andrey. This is my first time posting here so I apologize if I mess anything up. I'm a 3D designer and I've been working with blender for the last couple of years. Yesterday I rewatched The Amazing Spiderman 1 movie and realized that I never actually modeled the web-shooters...
  9. ToaOfStone

    Got a fun one for Spidey Historians

    Hey, Webheads! A while ago I was watching old Spider-Man media such as the '77 live action series and Toeis Spider-man for the hell of it, and I couldn't stop thinking about the suit being functionally the same between the two. A few days ago, one of my favorite youtube channels...
  10. S

    Spider-Man Suit

    Hey I was wondering if I could get advice on attaching my lenses to the mask. I don’t want a faceshell because it is just so inconvenient. But when people glue the lenses they can only place them once, and if you mess up that’s it. And it usually end s up bunching in the middle. I figured the...
  11. G

    Spider-Man Far From Home Sunglass Case

    Just saw FFH and love the case that the EDITH glasses came in. It looks to be root-ball wood but I can't find it anywhere. Anyone have any ideas who makes this/how it could be made?
  12. LeExpiredMilk

    Spider-Man pattern help

    Can someone help me figure out who's pattern this is? I bought this suit off ebay and I want to get a new mask with no eye holes so I can cut my own and not have the fabric peeking out the rims of my faceshell lenses. Thanks in advance!
  13. J

    Durability of RPCPaint/Puffy Paint - Driving Question

    Hello! Does anyone have experience with the durability of RPCPaint/Puffy painted suits? I recently got a Homecoming suit but am concerned about the durability of the puff paint. Specifically it's kind of a hassle to get in and out of the suit so I was wondering if it would be ok to drive while...
  14. ShoopWoop17

    Shoop's Definitive Scarlet Spider (Kaine Parker)

    Hey folks! First time poster, but I wanted to share my Kaine Parker Scarlet Spider suit. This is my second sewing project ever, and was so much fun to make. I started sewing in early March, and Avengers Endgame was my deadline. Needless to say, I made it, and wore it to opening night. The...
  15. mahesh114

    The Amazing Spider-Man PS4 Suit Cosplay Suit (FIRST SUIT EVER!)

    ----PRICE LIST (As Of 23/01/2020)---- Suit: (Was £29.99, with discount= £16.41) Puff Paint: £21 Fillers: £1 Clips: £1.90 Webshooters: £4 Red paint: £6 Yellow gloves: £1 Velcro Pads: £1 "Balenciaga" Shoes: £11 Neodymium Magnets (100 Pack): £2.99 Total: £66 Sunk Costs: Velcro was useless...
  16. StormyStorm

    (Into the Spider-Verse) Spiderman Noir

    Hello everyone! I've been working on the "research" phase for my Spiderman Noir costume, being specifically based on the one from Into the Spider-Verse. I've managed to get the general look planned out, but I need some help on resources. I couldn't find a thread with research about this, so...
  17. LeExpiredMilk

    ISO Into The Spider-Verse chest emblem

    Suit by LeExpiredMilk posted Mar 1, 2019 at 12:13 PM Self explanatory, I'm looking for a chest emblem to put on top of this one, as it is a comic book Spider-Man suit with a Raimi chest emblem for no reason. It is also rather small, capping off at about 4 inches tall and wide. I want to replace...
  18. rerix

    Someone selling good Spiderman PS4 webshooters?

    well, the title gives it away. Looking for the spiderman ps4 webshooters. The wristband (if it's included) doesn't matter how it looks. Just want to wear it on a suit, so the magnets should be kinda strong. I do own one which i bought somewhere online, but the magnets are saddly too weak that...
  19. Jumpman2315

    Spider-Man: Far From Home Noir-like Suit (Brazilian Comic Con)

    Spider-Man: FFH has a presence at the current Brazilian Comic Con and someone snapped a pic of the Noir like suit that is in the movie. For reference, here it is:
  20. 2013 DragonCon Scarlet Spidey

    2013 DragonCon Scarlet Spidey

    First Spidey Costume
  21. 100% Homemade Spiderman (Iracel)

    100% Homemade Spiderman (Iracel)

    This is my homemade spiderman costume. I merged The best elements of edge of time, amazing(the movie), and superior spiderman into one costume. Made by user Iracel.
  22. Ultimate Spider-Man

    Ultimate Spider-Man

    Please click "view larger image" to see the detail. :)This is my spidey-suit project, meant to emulate the look of the "Ultimate Spider-Man" version of Peter Parker, from the Mark Bagley and Brian Michael Bendis run. This project utilized the talents of several great...
  23. Cartoon Venom

    Cartoon Venom

    M16's Halloween costume contest entry 2012 :)
  24. The Amazing Spider-Man Costume

    The Amazing Spider-Man Costume

    Almost 100 hours of painting hexagons pays off! (I hope) :)
  25. Spider-Man


    Spider-Man costume for theRPF Halloween contest 2012

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