1. chimpz33

    Where to get ps4/ps5 chest spider / symbol?

    Looking to get like a rubber spider symbol to put onto the advanced suit from the games, and the glove pieces as well. But I'm not sure where I'd buy that and be able to get it in the right size. Or im not sure if theres a better way to do it. I just dont want it be flat spandex right. Please...
  2. Bhc0322

    Spider-Man Cosplay help

    Hello, I’m needing some help with a Spider-Man cosplay idea. I’m wanting to do a home made suit but aside from puffy paint, what would be my best option for having textured webbing? The ideas I’m thinking of are screen printing but honestly I’m not sure how well I would be able to do that since...
  3. Jacob Center

    Any suggestions on textured fabric for Spider-Man suit?

    So I'm planning on making the new version of the Advanced suit from Spider-Man 2, and was wondering if anyone knows some good distributers of screen printed fabric with this small dotted texture. I already know about the clear dot spandex from spandex world, but the dots are a bit too big for my...
  4. jvear12190

    The amazing Spider-Man 2012 suit replica

    Hello everyone, ever since I saw tasm back when it first came out I absolutely loved the new suit, and now being older and having the opportunity to make my own I wanted to post about the process. So with this suit I will be using the McLean patter and will be editing it to make vectors for...
  5. dotails

    Iron Spider(Spiderman) Nanite Case

    You could build something like this water vortex generator; Then just put a bust of the iron spider inside and a projector to illuminate it dynamiclly. While some disruption would add to the effect, too much disruption to the vortex by the model might prevent it from forming. This is my main...
  6. jvear12190

    SpiderMan Upgraded Replica suit

    Hello everyone, I am new to this so I hope you guys may find this thread or post interesting, maybe even helpful, or inspire you to make your own suit. I was hesitant to star one of these because I wasn’t sure if my work but now on starting on my second attempt I figured I could take the time to...
  7. P

    Best Polyester/Spandex Blend For Cosplaying?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to build my own Spider-Man costume for cosplaying. I already have some designs ready to go however, I realized that I don't have a good idea for what fabric to use for it. I eventually ended up deciding on using polyester/spandex blend for the costume, since I already...
  8. AgentofChaos

    Spider-Man 2 Joe's Pizza Shirt/Sticker

    Hey Y'all. I'm doing a small run of replica Joe's Pizza shirts for my movie inspired apparel brand. They're almost 100% accurate I just fixed some typography errors that bothered me as a graphic designer. They also come with a replica sticker like the one Peter has on his helmet. They're not...
  9. juxs

    PS4/Insomniac Spidey (Spider-Man) Classic suit help

    Hi, I just wnt to know if one of you guys can help me to find a free pattern of the ps4 Spidey classic suit, the thing is that I just don’t have the money to buy one but I really want to have it, can you help me, please?
  10. Vonkadoodle

    Spider-man No Way Home Face shell

    I unfolded a spider-man no way home integrated suit on pepakura If you're interested I might upload it here
  11. topher thomas

    Item 17a Iron Spider Suit Build

    Hello, everyone! I’m new to posting at RPF, and I’m happy to learn how things work around here. I finally decided to register with the forum and make a WIP build log for the MCU Iron Spider Suit I’m currently working on because it’s a suit I’ve wanted to try making since Infinity War… and I...
  12. thyysoares


    hello guys, how are you? I'm going to show you how I made my mask... so if you want to do it fine It will include -plastic lenses -faceshell -fabric mask Faceshell: for the faceshell I used a carcass of a mask I had from spiderman, I paid cheap. I used epoxy putty to model and made some holes...
  13. K

    Best TASM 2 replica suit to order?

    Hey, I was wondering who makes the most screen accurate TASM2 completed suit? Budget is around a few thousand. I looked at the rpc studio suits but they just look kind of off to me. I saw el_fetts raimi suit which looks amazing but i don’t see him having a TASM2 suit. I would also consider a...
  14. Jake Kassnoff

    Dr. Octopus Arms

  15. PhantomForge

    Green Goblin Pumpkin Bomb Build (2002, 2021)

    Hello all! My goal in this thread is to recreate the pumpkin bomb from 2002's Spider-Man, and with some tweaks the prop from No Way Home as well, that actually lights up, flashes, and makes sound. Obtaining an accurate Green Goblin Pumpkin Bomb replica that actually lights up has been a...
  16. WarrenLaveniuk

    In Search of: Mechanical Spiderman Eyes

    Someone please help! I have been searching everywhere for mechanical spiderman eyes. The only place I found some were on an etsy page, but the seller is difficult to get a hold of. I have questions about the product before buying it. If anyone has any files they are willing to share, it would...
  17. MrSpideyXD

    Ultimate Spider-Man Suit Build

    Hey guys! how's ya going? I want to share some of my progress with my Usm classic suit and let's see if i can get this guy completed in less than a week :3 .
  18. CrossfireProps

    Green Goblin Pumpkin Bomb References

    I'm sure with the release of the No Way Home trailer yesterday (finally), many people are now looking to make some Pumpkin Bombs much like myself. I figured I'd start this thread to share references of the prop as the new version is nearly identical to the 2002 version. Here is what I have...
  19. W3bhead

    Spider-Man Ps4 classic suit build

    So I always wanted a good Spider-Man costume as a kid but there were all utterly rubbish. Either loose fabric or then later with built in muscles, I could never understand why you couldn't buy a decent version. Then after the Raimi films came out and spidey planet released theirs I realised now...
  20. MaxGeek

    Free Spider-Man blank pattern

    Hello I've been searching a free base for making Spider-Man patterns but i didn't succeed So,does somebody here have one that they would agree to share with me ? Thanks in advance for those who'll accept Have a nice day -Your Friendly Neighborhood Max
  21. Caleb656

    My custom Spider-Man cosplay

    This a costume thread about Spider-Man This is my first Spider-Man cosplay and my first cosplay. I am making this 100% from scratch from sewing to puffy painting to lenses to soles. The fabric I got for this suit is an ity stretch jersey from fabric wholesale direct.com for about 4.99 a yard...
  22. SuperheroDIY

    3D-Printed Spider Armor MK1 Build

    (trying to move this out of the Marvel forum as that seems geared more to MCU stuff) More pics and a gallery over on my website: Armored Spider-Man Costume - Part 1 Well, after months and months and months of work, I finally have an Armored Spider-Man costume (Spider Armor MK1) that I can put...
  23. SuperheroDIY

    (MOVED) Armored Spider-Man Costume - Part 1

    Moved to 3D-Printed Spider Armor MK1 Build
  24. D

    Need help identifying pieces of Spider-Man suit

    I'm seeing together my insomniac Spider-Man suit and need help figuring out where these pieces go. I'm pretty sure the circular ones are the thumbs but I don't know what these long strips are
  25. Electro

    Electro's Classic Suit

    Hi everyone, I have been looking for Electro's classic suit (green, with yellow lightning bolts, etc.) for a while now to cosplay in, I know the suit is a little weird and different but personally I think it looks super cool. I haven't really been able to find any that look legitimate or good...