Kick Ass Big Daddy Helmet Build Thread WIP


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I wanted one of these back when the first movie came out, but couldn't find any at the time, since the trailers for the sequel came out it got me thinking about it again. Couldn't find any and funds are tied up in other projects so time to build my own.

Pep file purchased from BlackKaos in the JY (excellent work, couldn't recommend highly enough).


Filled it with Rondo, and this is where I'm up to:

20130820_162827.jpg 20130820_162834.jpg

It's going to be a 2 part mask. Once I've sanded out the tab marks and evened it out a little I'm going to cut the face plate out following the line around the "crown" at the top of the nose. I have a plan for it to attach with magnets that can be concealed within that thicker wall of the crown.

Any and all advice, comments, criticisms and suggestions welcome.


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Thanks guys. A small update.

I peeled off the the last few bits of the pep card and made a start buffing out the indents left from the tabs. I also cleaned out the eye holes and sharpened up the mouth area and crown a touch.

Bdsand3-1.jpg Bdsand2-1.jpg

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