Key from Return to Oz

Black Bat

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Wow! Those are awesome! Thank you for showing those off. I think you just found a stocking stuffer that's going to make someone very happy at my house this X-mas. :)


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Good heavens. The things I come across here never cease to delight me... I'm thrilled to see so many people interested in this prop. GuntahKela, thanks for posting your (jealousy-inducing) Disney Archive photo!

Just lovely... I must keep an eye out for Return to Oz propmaking from now on!


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Hi, I dont know what made me look for these but i just thought i would google to see if you could actually buy the OZ key and then i was surprised to actually see people making them and i thought that was really cool. As kids we used to re-enact this move but just had to use any old key we had. I would love to be able to find a replica of the red ruby key too. i like the idea of the green emerald crystal to display the key on. If anyone knows where to find a block similar that would be good.

The new brass ones from Juno interest me and i will want to buy a couple, but preferably unpolished i reckon, if thats possible.

I have seen these keys on ebay and Shapeways but its a bit confusing who on here is selling elsewhere and how many different versions there are and how many people are reproducing them. I have seen $50 ones on ebay recently. Are they anygood? are they made buy someone on here?


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I have one on Shapeways. It's what I used to create my master that I'm now casting in brass. I know there's a guy on ebay who buys my Shapeways keys and resells them.

I sell my solid brass (the Shapeways keys are plated) keys here. I can patina it for you, but brass will patina on its own over time.


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This person
Disney's Return to Oz Replicas - 1985 at
I have spoken to has had some on ebay very recently. He said they are stainless steel but plated in bronze or gold. Is he the one selling shapeways keys and marking the prices up? I just would not want to buy one for $60 and get ripped if they are the same as the shapeways ones being sold for less. I kinda prefer the solid brass ones anyway. I have polishing equimpent here as i do it as part of my job so thats why i suggested if i could get a raw one and then i will polish/clean it up to how i like.


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Hi, just to be clear, this is a CGI model, right?

I own one of those "Crew keys" sold on Ebay. TBH, they are ok. Not too accurate, for the money:


Last year, I visited the Disney archives and saw the actual screen-used key, which puts the Crew keys to shame:


For more pics:

Props I saw in LA and Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, Ca. - Henshin Vault's MySpace Blog |

If there was a shop that wanted to make a brass run of these, like the ones doing C-3PO parts, I would, gladly, dispense my knowledge on the Key subject. The shapeway one seems nice, but it could be better. I, really, like this movie, as you can tell.
hi, would you happen to know the dimensions of the key?

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