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Hey guys!

Need a bit of advice, but I was wondering which white shade would work for the walkie talkie? Got myself a Saber II and I started painting it in a pearl white colour, but I am starting to have my doubts, I do like it has a grey ish tint, but not sure now.... Definitely isn't meant to be pure white since the logo is, but would appreciate some insight! Thanks!


Also the back has some sort of clip where the antenna is, any idea what these are called? and where to find them?



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The back piece is NTN7061A Cover, Universal Connector. I got mine from a Motorola dealer around 2003, so no idea where to get them now.
I know nothing about the shop, but there is an aftermarket one for an Astro Saber here (which I think should still work), but it has the wrong color screw and the seal is a cheap foam ring rather than the molded rubber gasket on the Motorola part: 2 X Dust Cover Compatible For Astro SABER 409shop,walkie-talkie,Handheld Transceiver- Radio

For an absurd amount of info, manuals, and parts lists this is a great resource:

I am no help with the color, as I just used flat white based on the only image I could find at the time I made mine, which was of the radio sold by Star Wares.

That is cool to see what they did to keep the radio together for Hammond. I tried using just a housing initially to save money and the top panel wants to pop out.

Here is the reference image I used in case anyone cares.
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Thank you moviebuff5 ! And yeah cannot seem to find that connector, but it's good to know what it is!

Yeah I based mine off what I had found too for the white colour, but I also cannot tell if it's an off white because of age or if it was actually of that colour...


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I think I used a 3" (actual measurement is 2.9"), and a quick scaling (just a ruler in 1/10ths of an inch that was within reach) from the volume and channel knobs compared to the antenna in both photos, combined with measurements of the knobs on my radio yields:
.4=.7-.8, 1.55=2.7125-3.1
.6=.7-.8, 2.4=2.8-3.2
So probably 3.
I just realized, the base of the black to the top of the screen is just over 3."
1.6(radio) to 1.6(antenna)
2.4(radio) to 2.4(antenna)
Even with the angles the radios are at, I think 3" is probably a safe bet.
Attached is a comparison with my radio (I never did find the short Motorola battery). I didn't get the angle right, but you can get an idea of what the 3" antenna looks like.
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Thanks moviebuff5! I think you're right, received a 3.5" antenna, and that seemed a bit tall!

Also, I had noticed that on some original props the logo was white, and some other it was black, but I don't believe we even see the logo in the movie? Can you confirm? I'm tempted to leave mine blank, but unsure...


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I don't think we ever see a clear logo in the movie.
Maybe these scenes in HD or UHD would reveal it if a logo were there:

Ellie retrieving the radios in the emergency bunker.

Hammond a little later when he changes the radio to Channel 2.

Ellie collapsing outside the Maintenance Shed


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I've checked the blu-ray & 4K disc and can't make out any logo


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