Judge Dreed Lawgiver Mark II (SD Studios)


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I'll to order to customers in a group email asap. Don't freak out if I don't answer to you individually for now, I'm keeping all PMs and emails, then I'll move from here somewhere next week as I'm still in the middle of a shipping madness for other boards.

Now that all parts have been figured out, as well as assembly for both my "mutated" proto and SD one, I can start sourcing locally the same parts as he uses so that the kits shipping from me are merely identical.

I'll provide :
- the sound board with preloaded and configured SD card
- the side led panels with leds mounted on them
- rear leds (triangle / square)
- Some super thin wire, 80 cm or 1m x 9 colors
- trigger and "DNA recognition" switches
- speaker
- mag sensor + magnet
- 9V coupler and main power supply switch (slider)
- a 9V battery if I can find a proper source, otherwise, just use your own duracell

I will *NOT* provide any wiring service, sorry :confused. I don't have the time for pre wiring 20+ kits plus unless you're working on a run like SDS (ie, you specify yourself where to place things with a 1mm accuracy) with templates, it's impossible to prepare a wire harness (well... rastnest) at the exact right length for everyone. Wiring is all yours, a clear and simple wiring PDF document will be provided.

You don't need to add any resistors, they will be on-board.

Later by email for detail on kit cost and shipping options/costs.


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Update time.

- All electronic parts for the kits that will ship from me have been ordered from the different suppliers. I should get everything next week, then I'll start making individual blisters

- in the meanwhile, we wait for SDS email-ping responses to fetch all orders, including those which will ship from my place

- I've assembled and baked all side led panels, I made 50 to have spare, so that's 500 leds :confused

- I've assembled about half of the sound boards, I'm making 40 total as a start, I'll propose more of them in the future if there's demand.

A group email to europe customers will follow with cost & shipping details, probably next week, after we have waited enough for people to respond to SDS or to contact me to place a EU order / expressed interest.



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Erv, Steve is writing above that european customers can contact you directly, so I only pmed you. Do I have to email Steve too?

SD Studios

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Good question.

I DO need to keep track of how many boards are sold as we only have a limited number available...and I want to make sure I don't over-sell on my end. So the buyer or Erv can just let me know so I can check off the quantity available.



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Sent you a mail, Erv (guy from Ireland!) - looking forward to hearing from you re: the group order! :)



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EU customers orders shipped today.

I started toying a bit with high speed photography and I figured a LG model gun would be nice to picture :love

here what I got during the lunch break (please excuse the mess of the white paper background, other experiment have been going on, and a few spills :lol)








and part of the photo shoot,
here's The Anti-causal Matrix Oracle tomato (don't ask me, I don't how why or how...)


and the olympic diver tomato


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I may be mistaken and apologies if I am, but that looks like a cast from a rubber stunt casting. I say this becuse a good few years ago i was handed one and asked by the then copyright holders to make a 1/1 scale kit of it. Bloody nice conversion job tho.
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