Judge Dreed Lawgiver Mark II (SD Studios)


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I have the LG kit but can only use a solid resin Beretta (not even a moving trigger) in it due to our gun laws and I had to get an import permit for that. No Airsoft allowed here so I can't enjoy all the lights and sounds.

I have been trying to work out how to have a working trigger and maybe some electronics in the gun. It wouldn't matter if I cut into the Beretta a little to insert a microswitch as no one can see it once inside the LG shells. I might have to try to cut out the resin trigger really carefully and try to make a metal one but longer then carve out the trigger housing a bit with my Dremel and insert a pin as a pivot. I might be able to work in a Blaster Core with some functions then. The little square and triangle lights at the back might be pushbuttons instead of just lights and used for accessing Blaster Core menu functions.


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after someone (LDR ?) mentioned the dolphin an full auto beretta, I search again to acquire one as I wanted to keep a PFC gun to play with and for display.

I kind of regret I didn't know more about model guns / PFC guns when I started the lawgiver project otherwise it's THAT GUN I would had put inside. I suspect my first marushin was not brand new and I had my problems with the receivers and I suspect the slide spring is tired, it's ok for my LG.

This is the Phrobis M9 (aka "dolphin"). This one as a single / full auto selector. Damn nice !




a little video of the full auto mode, it's fast !

Phrobis (aka "dolphin") Beretta Model gun - YouTube


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I am seriously considering using my full metal replica Beretta for this project. I don't really want to as it was expensive but it does have a full working movement and removable clip. It might be the only way to use one of Erv's boards in it. I just don't know how many of the board's functions I can trick into working with a solid resin pistol.


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My completed Lawgiver arrived today and i can not put it down. The prop surpasses my expectations and then BONUS it is also a working airsoft!!!!!!


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Got my completed Lawgiver yesterday as well. Played with it a little. It is awesome. The only difficulty I have is changing the modes with the grip switch. It is extremely difficult to hit it just right and I am unable to do it with just my thumb. Other than that, I absolutely love this thing. Well worth the wait. Congrats and a big Thanks to Steve, Erv, Matt and everyone else involved in this project.


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Erv how well do you think the magnetic magazine sensor is going to work in a full metal replica pistol?


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Erv how well do you think the magnetic magazine sensor is going to work in a full metal replica pistol?

without any specific problem :)
My mag. is full metal too. The sensor is very sensitive and it's not like the magnetic field is "absorbed" by surrounding metal too much. Also, where my magnet is located lands in the empty area of the grip frame, so not much metal around, aside the magazine itself.

The only difficulty I have is changing the modes with the grip switch.

the goal is to place it where you won't trigger it while firing the gun. The location I've used works well for a right handed person, but still, as it's invisible, it's difficult to remember where it's located. I memorized the exact gesture of my index-palm joint to activate the aux. switch and it works each time.


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Well I have the shells, the replica pistol and the electronics are on the way, so I guess we'll see how it all goes together. Going to try to carefully Dremel the shells where necessary to fit the replica and take off any unecessary bits of the replica. Don't want to seriously damage it in case I find another pistol I can use, so I can restore the replica later.

It is going to be solid and heavy.

edit**: Further study reveals that I will have to Dremel some bits off the replica (aarrgghh). It doesn't disassemble like a real gun.
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Erv received my kit today. Were there supposed to be some hookup wire with the kit and instructions or a link to a PDF? I can't find one on your website or any reference to the LG electronics kit since I bought the last one.

Is the magnetic sensor that little component that looks like a tiny transistor (with 3 tails)?

I'll provide :
- the sound board with preloaded and configured SD card
- the side led panels with leds mounted on them
- rear leds (triangle / square)
- Some super thin wire, 80 cm or 1m x 9 colors
- trigger and "DNA recognition" switches
- speaker
- mag sensor + magnet
- 9V coupler and main power supply switch (slider)
- a 9V battery if I can find a proper source, otherwise, just use your own duracell

Wiring is all yours, a clear and simple wiring PDF document will be provided.


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decided it was time to assembly my second SD studio LG so that I can bring it to the FACTS con. This one is the full auto version using an airsoft gun (all metal).
SD studio paint job is awesome, flat black with textured grip (slightly satin, different black paint).

The red resin was slightly too transparent, still too much flaring even with the paper diffuser. So I used PU milky resin, very good diffuser.
Some plastiline to make the border, mix, pour, usable 10 minutes later.

The trigger switch will not be using a magnet on that one, as the transfer bar is a piece of ... on that gun (cigarette paper) and it easily slips out of the slide rail too. So I'm mounting the switch on the gun itself with a tiny limit switch, which as a registration pin which is great to stabilize it mechanically even when you press the trigger a lot of times, it's not supposed to be pushed back [same as SD installs I believe]

marked the limit of the transfer bar with a scribe. The bar is actually making a small arc in the move, so the switch won't be totally lined up but slight angle to receive the final punch of the mechanism which matches the moment when the hammer goes.

PU resin as a diffuser for the rear leds

I hate to mod a gun permanently. I drilled an tapped the fire selector to ensure it will stay in full auto BUT I can remove the set screw to put it back to semi auto.

Lining up the trigger switch wires

DNA recognition switch and mag detector installed on the rubber grip this time, so that almost nothing is attached to the gun at the end (aside the trigger switch). Another good tip from SD.

Quick M3 milling in the mag (no, without piercing the air tank) to host the magnet, totally flush with the gun magazine. I'll paint it gun metal with the airbrush later

Video :
Second Lawgiver MkII (SD studio casts) - YouTube
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