Judge Dreed Lawgiver Mark II (SD Studios)


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I thought I will post a build log of a kit I bought from SD studios. I recently proposed to provide a new version of a Lawgiver version of my Blaster Core sound board.
It's almost done, that build log is meant to serve as a visual guide for the install of the electronics, for those who will do it themselves.

mine has a few little variants from what SD has proposed for his fully built LG but overall, the principles remain the same. The main difference is that I used a model gun as I wanted a display piece with realistic looking bullets. I know, it's a pain to load and clean but I don't expect to use PFC aside of a couple of demos. Another LG with an airsoft is planned too anyway.

Also, this thread will help (I hope) people to patient a little bit more and see the possibilities of the electronics.

so... I started that project when the kit was first sold, then paused cause I didn't have a place to spray paint... back at work on it again. I finished blaster core v4 3 weeks ago and had the plan to port the LG firmware on it, and things converged pretty fast in the past 2 weeks, after tuning specs with SD studios.


Long tribulations to source a beretta M9 model gun to France, what a mess. I ended up in japan with semi ghost company and couldn't get the shells, then sourced the shells in the UK but now I'm almost sure they are too short. Designed for a M84, juuuust a bit shorter, the new PFC won't bang properly as they don't perforate, so they bang, blow back but no smoke and no sound LOL
[actually leaves some expression possibilities for the BC4]

Recent pics of stuff I did a year ago (already ? really ?)

satin paint job is decent but perfectible




ammo clip in place with foot part

threaded holes for slide attachement

adding the greebly on the reload mechanism. Per discussion with SD, a 2 pin system was a good solution (and JB weld)


Glued !

Still have to paint the second half of the gun. To protect the silver area, I used Mecanorma tape, old school PCB design technique to protect what you don't want to etch. Good tack, removable residues (very little) and paint/water proof.

Then maskol (latex paint) to seal thin tape with blue painter's tape and ready to go !
another view

mag release greeblie. Threading both sides and giving a clean shave cut to the knob with the lathe.



4mm M3 set screw is perfect for the job


Lever after 2 coats of silver with the airbrush (I keep practicing) : invisible pins (almost... the camera sees them but I don't)



I finished the paint job on the remain half. As I'm not sure of the paint I used for the 1st one, I took the risk to add one extra coat of satin black to ensure "color" (if I can say so) and mosly gloss level are the same.
some progress.

right side shell was too thick for my model gun slide. That's the last trimming required to have the kit fitting that very gun (very few mods, really, just dremelling here and there)

installing clear styrene backing so that I have something to glue the leds on later.

Installing some wires, checking length

Speaker install - to be tested but the eye piece could provide a small rear resonant chamber

Hall effect sensor that I'll use for the main trigger and ammo clip detection

Experimenting with dyed resin for the red windows (SD idea). Didn't find the right pigment but that glass stain / paint seems perfect. It's solvent based so it should mix well with the glazing resin


First test is too weak, second one is good but the color pigments have "migrated" in the corners. Still, the shade starts to be nice


To be continued. I should get prototype PCBs for the side leds this week. Leds have been selected and tested individually, so I just need the panels to start the actual and final wiring of my prop, and validate the electronics, then ship a prototype.

A video demo will follow very soon.
Looking good! I just wanted to follow up...

A lot of these details are being incorporated into the SD build-ups. I am finishing up the replicas over the next few weeks, so when the electronics start showing up, I can install and ship.

Erv has been most-generous with working with me on special boards programmed to my specifications for this project. There was a LOT to go over. We have probably exchanged fifty e-mails so far. Seriously.

Mike Goobic sampled and cleaned up all of the sound effects from the film for me, and Erv added a few of his own.

A BIG box just showed up yesterday from Mouser Electronics, so I am swimming in switches, levers, batteries, buttons, speakers, etc etc...

These are going to be pretty amazing!

All of the airsoft Berettas have been converted and the kit parts have been here for a while, so I am all set on my end!

I will get back in touch with everyone who bought a full build shortly. We will only have a limited number of electronics sets, so the full models get them first. The remainder will be offered to the kit buyers on a first-come-first-served basis.

The build-ups and kits are all SOLD OUT. Thanks to everyone who bought one!
If only I could get some kind of toy gun with a mechansim into Australia. Airsoft is not allowed at all. I tried to get a PFC Mauser broomhandle into the country but luckily I asked first. No no they said. That's a replica of a select fire weapon and that is a no-no. A Beretta M92 isn't a select fire gun though is it?
A Beretta M92 isn't a select fire gun though is it?

mine isn't, some PFC are (YT corp ?), usually with a 3rd position of the safety lock (like on airsoft). I was that close to get my MG from a UK company which finally went out of business for medical reasons it seems :cry

SD studios said:
We have probably exchanged fifty e-mails so far. Seriously.

my bad. I'm lucky he doesn't hate me now :) I reduced the number of emails sent but instead he got larger ones (go figure). There was seriously a lot of things to adjust and decide in a short time, then make sure we're all talking about the same things.

@Peter : is there a way you can ask for a permit to import replicas ? I feel bad for your aussie guys :unsure
This is a great tutorial!

I have SDS kit pacekd away, and a PFC dolpin ready for this build.

Its great to see how you modified your PFC to add the relevant buttons etc.

I might need some tips from you (and maybe some work doing!).

Thanks for the tutorial!

I might need some tips from you (and maybe some work doing!).
Thanks for the tutorial!

very welcome. Nothing special as the casts were very good quality. Feel free to post / PM if you have specific questions or if I can help.
thanks for the tutorial, subscribed!

Do you have a rough estimation when we will be able to purchase the electronics kit?

I'm going to produce between 25 and 50 boards asap then ship them so that they can be packed with the rest of the electronics (leds, switches, speaker). My schedule remains unsure but I should have a proto to send out by the end of the week, average delay France-USA is 10 days, the board will be reviewed and tested for validation (or tweaking) at the very beginning of march. In the meanwhile boards will have been assembled and tested so I'll just need to flash the final firmware in them.
Once I get the green light (hopefully in early march), I'll ship the boards to SD studios (add another 10 days - 2 week delay to get them to the US). That's the best, theoretical+hypothetic case.
After that, depending on the demand, I might propose just the board and the side led panels from my website (but not the rest) if there's other people interested. The goal is for now to supply enough boards for the full builds and the kits purchased from SD studios (if I understood correctly).
Hope you dont mind me adding this picture to your thread.

But this is my fully working Blow Back Baretta with the SD Studios Hollow resin cast kit.

Also the LEDS are Erv's cant wait to install the full electronics kit when they are done

Not sure what the goal is, my goal is to get an electronics kit since I already purchased the LG kit from SD Studios last summer.

So even we in europe will have to purchase the Kit from SD Studios? Kinda weird, since these will be done in France why to reimport and pay higher shipping costs plus import taxes, or did I misunderstand something?
Not sure what the goal is, my goal is to get an electronics kit since I already purchased the kit from SD Studios last summer.

So even we in europe will have to purchase the Kit from SD Studios? Kind weird, since these will be done in France why to reimport and pay higher shipping costs plus import taxes.

im sure Erv is shipping these direct or am i wrong :confused
I am buying enough circuits for the Hero builds that I have to get done. Plus some spares for kit buyers.

I will then do the final assembly here using the gazillion parts I just bought from Mouser...micro switches, batteries, pressure sensors, wrapping wire, etc. Erv is only supplying unwired boards to me.

If anyone is in Europe, YES of course, you can get them directly from Erv. We will coordinate so that the price is the same for everyone, so as to be fair. Got yer backs, bros!

When we are ready, I will contact everyone on my mailing list privately via e-mail. There will only be a limited number available as they are expensive and complex to build and have features that weren't available on earlier BC kits (eg; Erv had custom-printed LED boards made for this project...He is also using my cleaned-up sound files, plus some custom ones he made specifically for these SD replicas, Special, super-thin, wide-angle LEDs have been purchased, etc etc...)

So please don't ask additional questions here...they aren't done, we don't have final pricing yet, and we don't know much more than that.

All in good time...soooooon. :lol
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