Judge Dreed Lawgiver Mark II (SD Studios)


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i dont want to hi jack this thread but i will be releasing a new fully prototyped FX version soon and then probably the firing version later.
i havent started an interest thread as i dont have enough to show but keep your eyes open.

As far as I know SD Studios isn't making any more kits or any more completed ones.


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the boards were configured this ways, no change needed. There are few things that can be changed in the configuration files, for instance access to other sound banks via a vocal menu. I also added a few things I wanted on mine, like the intruder (non judge) detection & electrocution. Finally, you have the self-locking system : after DNA recognition (unlocking the gun), the gun will return to locked state (blue LED on) if not fired for a while.

The following demo shows those. Enabling those features can be done very easily by changing a few parameters on the SD card of the sound board.

Lawgiver MkII Expert Use - YouTube
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