Jinx Fishbone prop from League of Legends


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Hello. My name is Agota young newbie prop maker from Lithuania.. I been making cosplay costumes for myself from 2008, but recently I got obsessed with prop making and now I usually try to make as detailed costume as I can, and also with props OuO . In 2014 I made Jinx from League of legends costume with her props.
I want to share my fishbone with you all, It is one of my first serious projects I made from PVC plastic. (basically it's my first real prop I made)
Almost everything is made from PVC (sintra). base part is a pvc pipe.
I first thought that it would be really heavy, but surprisingly it is not as heavy as it looks.
I know there is some few mistakes in it, but I hope you people will like it.(i'm really nervous to post something here for the first time ;s ... usually I only quietly read...)

This was my reference I used for making it, and also some 3d models to measure how long it should be


So this is what I end up with :)

and some more photos


And there is a photo of me in my costume for scale :) (costume and all its details are also my work)


Also here are some making progress.
as I said, basically I made everything from pvc. For filler I used car filler (I know you guys call it bondo)
Body is large PVC pipe I found to buy.
Fishbones eyes were casted out from crystal resin with blue tint
main tools for work was Dremel moto saw for cutting everything and ofcourse heat gun and loads of sanding paper and dremel tool ...


I have bunch of more photos and If you want I can share them...
Hope you like mah Fishbones :S
That is great work! Your costume is also very cool :) Thanks for posting your work in progress photos as well. Awesome prop.
Your fishbones looks really cool! Well done. :D

I'm trying to make fishbones too... I have some questions about your version:

1. How did you do the weathered metal effect? Did you use metallic silver spray paint for the base, and then another layer of flat gray on top, or something?
2. How did you get the perfect circle holes (for example, the tail)? My circle holes end up lopsided... :/
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