Limited Run Jayne's Serenity 1911 conversion kit


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Hey guys,

Is anyone interested in a copy of the kit I made a while back to convert an airsoft 1911 into Jayne's movie sidearm? I made it for a WE (green gas) all-metal 1911 but I'm guessing it'll fit most others as well. Kit includes all the "gunmetal" parts in the photo needed to convert the 1911 frame:

- slide cover (goes over the original slide)
- barrel cowl
- trigger guard cover
- buttplate insert
- magazine bottom
- release lever addon

*edit* I have now successfully printed the first copy, so I can do them on demand.**

Final cost is $100 shipped


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First test print was a success, so I can now make these at any time.
(I did some test sanding on the parts to see how they reacted. support material still has to be removed as well.)

I also did a slide release lever extension (the smallest part to the left). Not sure how well it will attach yet as I haven't even tried it on my own pistol, but it's there if someone wants to use it!
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