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I was wondering if theres a good site or forum for Jango Fett. I was wanting to make this my next project but dont know were to start. I need everything so any and all suggestions will be HIGHLY APPRECIATED... :lol :thumbsup


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Originally posted by OPPI@Feb 18 2006, 08:04 PM
doesnt get better than TDH, thats where i made mine from.

good luck

:thumbsup THANKS GUYS...

Durasteel Corporation

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That is what many have said. Mostly regarding delivery problems as I understand it. Some possible connections to various scum, but nothing 100% identified that I am aware.

Besides, 99% of his stuff is recast and what which he recast is rather passe at this point. Old school stuff.

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Originally posted by darthgoat@Feb 19 2006, 12:20 AM
Star Fortress is a known scammer is he not?

idk, i just stumbpled upon his site one day.

i thought it was kinda cool

his helmets SUCK

urs looks nice durasteel