Isabelle (Predators) on same level as Ripley (Aliens) and Sarah (Terminator)?


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I know Ripley and Sarah have more movies but I think Isabelle held her own. I'm hoping there is a sequel and that both Isabelle and Royce are in there.
Yeah she was alright she didnt really do much tho. I wouldnt mind seeing royce and isabelle but not as main characters. Then again we've never seen any main character carried over to a sequel it would be interesting to see what they would do now they know what there up against.
I agree, she was alright, and it wasn’t because of Braga’s (sp) acting. I wouldn’t quite yet place ‘Isabella’ up there with ‘Ripley’ or ‘Sarah' Connor’ - whom we got to see go from ordinary everyday woman to savior or mankind – One of the things that made ‘Sarah' Connor’ so impressive was that we got to see her ‘develop’ and came to know her in a since throughout the course of the films.
I saw a whole lot of potential with the ‘Isabella’ character, but given that the set of the film was a bit fast pace, much time wasn’t given to really get a grasp on who she was. All I saw was a serious woman with a big gun. And it takes more than that to reach ‘Ripley’ and/ or ‘Sarah' Connor’ status. I’d go as far as to say that ‘Isabella” was a glorified ‘Anna’
I think Estelle nailed it. Ripley was a science officer with probably only limited weapons training & Sarah Connor was a waitress at a Diner, so seeing them evolve into Extraordinary people, it made for a more impressive story to see in their future Movies. Isabelle was already a trained killer & we never had that compelling fear factor that came with Sarah & Ripley, like that they might forget what they were up against & that danger was closer than we thought.

Had we seen her earlier story, it might be more impressive, but I'm not placing her up with Ripley & Sarah.
If there is a sequel, then I hope the two survivors are included in it. Predators II could be really interesting to watch. If I was Royce and Isabelle, I'd start scavenging for weapons and ammo. :rolleyes:
Isabelle was supposed to be a badass cold hearted assassin sniper, all i've seen is a weak leftitst who tries to save everyone's ass and spends her time whining about some guilt they should feel, 'cause they're soooo evil people.
Killing living targets is her everydays job and she should be tough, i think Braga would've done the job well if her character was not that lame.

Connor on the other hand cried at one point but she was a normal girl a waitress, who became a "soldier" and despite all her training and her strong will, she couldn't snuff Dyson because she deeply respects Humanity.After all she only destroyed a terminator 101 and no human.

So, Isabelle is nothing compared to Connor/
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