Iron Man Mark IV & VI Upper Thigh Part Pattern

Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by roy, May 16, 2012.

  1. roy

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  2. jamesrickards

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    Awesome photos and really awesome detail - thanks for your inspirational suite!

    I want one - so im building one!

    Cheers Roy
  3. Davence

    Davence Guest

    love how u accomplished this
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  4. bobafettsslave1

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    Excellent work this will help a lot of guys out.
  5. Shakeitdavey

    Shakeitdavey Well-Known Member

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    Cheers for this mate. I was looking for just the card version of this but i'm sure it won't be too hard to work round it.

    Cheers again
  6. Genises

    Genises Active Member

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    err... how exactly do i scale this to my current armor, i'm in the midst of a mark 4 and i scaled it to 23.3 and everything so far fits perfectly (thank god) i would like the train to continue...
  7. Genises

    Genises Active Member

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    bumpity bump... i was hoping to make this tonight :p
  8. Ciano930

    Ciano930 Well-Known Member

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    now thats awesome! i need to be able dance so mobility is essential!

  9. vincent228

    vincent228 Active Member

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    is there a pdo or obj file for this ? forgive me. but im a noob and in the middlw of the mark 4 build and would love to add those peices, but have no idea where to start.
  10. mark0017

    mark0017 Well-Known Member

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    Excellent work on the thigh additions Roy...i will be borrowing your plans to finish up my suit:)
  11. FU1212Y

    FU1212Y New Member

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    My thighs are complete. Then I saw your Hip piece that goes above it.
    Awesome. I have tried everywhere to get peps for this. I am guessing you did not use Pepakura for this build. I could really do with a copy of the one you designed. Perfect makes things easy in life but life itself is Perfect. So why change it. Whoops I ranted on a bit there. Need to lay of the pills. LOL
  12. ironmaided

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    wow. . i missed this thread. . .great idea

    SOUTHPAW Well-Known Member

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    This. Is. Awesome!!!!
  14. Roadliner

    Roadliner New Member

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    first off.. this build is AMAZING!! and the last post I looked at before I decided I have to do this... now to add this project to my normal wood working, building my niece's doll house, target shooting, and brewing beer lol.

    but for a newbie ? (I know.. newbies suck) How much money am I looking at (american dollars) to build a foam costume like this. Just looking for approx here as I'm trying to sell it to the wife who is not a nerd like me lol. i do plan on covering most of the foam in plastic, and will eventually add several servos to create moving parts as I move on, but mostly I'm wanting to get the main outfit first.. then move on to making it ridiculous! :)
  15. Dynofiend

    Dynofiend Well-Known Member

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    Totally depends what route you go. Plastic coating will be one of the more expensive ways of getting a foam suit. You are really limited by what foam and paint you can get locally, or what you chose to order in. Its not hard to find out what the costs of this foam and paint will be if you have a sniff around your local stores :)
  16. Jjaysavaloi

    Jjaysavaloi Active Member

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    awesome job :)..what about the back of the tops?, near the backside? :)

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