Info on the Forbidden Planet communicator

It's also used in Queen of Outer Space along with a ton of other Forbidden Planet props. I saw a couple of good shots of the communicator. I fortunately don't own the movie or I would get you some screenshots.
You guys talking about this guy? Sorry this is all i have, screenshots.

I was just watching this last night and thoght the retractable wire would be pretty easy to replicate with todays retractable badge lanyards for most offices.
What occured to me was one of those keychain/keyring things with a spring.

Nice pics ZK and MB. Thank you.

The belt box portion is still a puzzle.
The belt boxes are just plastic parts boxes. Black on one side clear on the other. The kind that has ball for hinges. The little balls that break all the time. Finding them is another thing.
The belt boxes are just plastic parts boxes. Black on one side clear on the other. The kind that has ball for hinges. The little balls that break all the time.

A found object. Cool. How did you come by that?

And actually, all I need are dimensions. Tragically I loaned my FP and Queen of Outer Space DVDs and they have vanished. Guess I'll have to wait on that until I get new copies.
Here are a few pics….
The box is one of those clear snap plastic boxes such as the ones used to store trading cards. The “Forbidden Planet” version has electronics inside. It was later painted and a dial added for “The Twilight Zone” episode “Valley of the Shadow” They even made a large version!!!
For “The Man from U.N.C.L.E. hash marks were added. It was seen briefly in “The Discoteque Affair” and again, as a mine detector, in “The Prince of Darkness Affair.

OK…now somebody make these!!!!!







“The Discoteque Affair


Oh...those clips are the spring types used to hold brooms, etc.
They were just cut down

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I'm not sure if they were made in the 50s, but those boxes look very similar in size to plastic sewing machine bobbin cases. Bobbins are sold in these, and the boxes have a plastic "+" section dividing the box into 4 compartments; I think each section holds 3 bobbins.

I have a couple, but no idea were they are so I'l try and scrounge up a Net pic :lol

edit - I know these were around in the mid to late 70s because I have one from that time frame.

cobbled eBay pics...

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That looks FANTASTIC!!!

In case you hadn’t noticed…there appears to be a small hole on the top circular part. Which, I believe, houses the retractable reel that holds the wire.

If you look reeeeeeeal close you can see a tiny wire coming from the hole and into the upright “bullet-shaped” part next to it.

I bastardized your drawing to illustrate my point.


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So I'm going to hazard a guess that the disc on the side is the reel for the string spring perhaps.

If I were to do this I'd make the box portion in the same dimentions but in a more sturdy clear resin. Anyone who has owned a clear CD case knows clear styrene cracks is you do so much as look at it wrong. And I wouldn't even try and find that same size box this many decades later.
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