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Hi guys,
after some year "on hold" we back to offer again our Cross of Coronado.
This thread is just to test the interest. In Italy we are in the "warning zone" for this pandemic.

I think all of you already know our cross. It is complete made in metal, 24kt gold plated. According to the original prop, it have dark blue resin just beyond ******'s body and a mixture of light blue resin for the outer part (just like the original prop). This cross was until we were satisfed with accuracy of all its parts.
The cross have three freshwater pearls for each side and a blue lace agate cabochon for each side. Cross will have the 2 accurate chains, the rolo chain and the rope chain.

I'm proud to show you a comparative pics with the original cross (on the right) taken in Valencia Museum by myself.


For this run (I still don't know how many pieces we could produce) we would offer a very good price.

Price for this beauty is 329€ plus shipping

Again, this is to test your interest, so if you want to add this piece in your museum, this is the moment ;)

1 - matt1 (rpf) SHIPPED
2 - Loneken (rpf) SHIPPED
3 - Onkelpsycho (rpf) SHIPPED
4 - T.Dozier (Email) SHIPPED
5 - Jay1138 (rpf) SHIPPED
6 - DavyVO (rpf) SHIPPED
7 - Bookman (rpf) SHIPPED
8 - Marviana Jones (rpf) SHIPPED
9 - thegreatgalling (rpf) SHIPPED
10 - D.McDonald (email) SHIPPED
11 - kurtyboy (rpf) SHIPPED
12 - HighlanderFX (rpf) SHIPPED
13 - Snowtrooper (rpf) SHIPPED
14 - Juvatwad (rpf) SHIPPED
15 -





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