indiana jones and the last crusade

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  1. peter74

    Tablet Grail - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Prop Replica Scale 1:1

    Faithful replica the Table of the grail is the Movie "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" Size 49x49 made of plaster and alabaster resin, weighs over 5Kg! Price $ 210 + shipping ($ 99 for US or $ 69 for Europe)
  2. Bossk

    Last Crusade Indy and Henry Jones on Horseback

    Since growing out a beard for my "Spanish Conquistador" impression of a soldier of the Hernando de Soto Expedition (second to last image) for programs I do at various regional parks and historical sites, I have started looking for fun "cosplay" costumes suited to the "new look". The first...
  3. Jake Kassnoff

    Holy Grail From Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

    I was cutting up a coconut for my Monty Python Cosplay and realized that the halves looked an awful lot like the grail from Last Crusade: Tutorial Video
  4. reatsomeyon

    Indiana Jones Leap of faith painting

    Hello. I'm searching for the image of painting Leap of Faith,because i'm making replica of this famous movie prop. Any help would be appreciate.
  5. Aldo The Apache

    Indiana Jones grail diary

    I’m relatively young and inexperienced when it comes to custom Props. I have some MR stuff, Icons, etc. The bottom line is I mainly own licensed replicas. Of course there has never been a licensed grail diary replica from Indiana Jones and the last crusade. So I heard about 2 main people who...
  6. Psab keel

    Interest Indiana Jones MK VI Bag Strap Buckles (TOD, LC, KOTCS)

    I was able to source a really accurate 1 Inch Roller Bar Buckle for Indiana Jones MK VI Bag Straps. This is identical to the buckle used on his bag in Temple of Doom, Last Crusade, and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Is there any interest in this? I could offer these with 1/ 8" open post Chicago...
  7. N

    Best Indiana Jones Gun

    Hey Indy fans! Finally an Indy gun thread! Lol, but thanks for clicking. I have been wondering where to get a good replica Indiana Jones gun. Now I know that he has multiple, but I would like to know where to get each of them :D lol. If you have your own then post em' up!
  8. N

    Beaver v.s Rabbit Indy Fedora

    Hey, thanks for clicking! Was just wondering about the durability of rabbit felt hats, and if they compare to beaver. Feel free to post your own Indy hat down below.
  9. N

    Help with Indiana Jones Hat!!!

    (Dead Thread) Finally decided on a Penman Raiders in Beaver :)
  10. N

    Most Accurate Indiana Jones Costume and Gear Info

    This thread is an information and discussion thread. Feel free to talk. Welcome to the thread! Here I am listing the most accurate versions and vendors for the iconic Indiana Jones Costume Gear (Original Raiders of The Lost Ark Version). I will soon add links to the pages. (Disclaimer: I am...
  11. DeLano80

    Indiana Jones Holy Grail attempt two and three

    This is my second attempt at my favorite cup. My first laughable attempt made from clay can be found here: I think attempt number two is much better, but not without it flaws. This new version is made from wood, turned on my lathe. I bounced my...
  12. keepcalmcostume

    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - Grail Diary

    I’ve had the materials for this for months, but never got around to starting it because it's new crafting territory and I'm chicken. With a few other prop projects on hold and not in the mood to sew, last weekend was a good time to finally get to it. The plan is to do one “batch” of more or...
  13. JohnnyMarvel

    Budget Holy Grail from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - how to protect/seal?

    Looking for a bit of advice regarding the final protective layer for my budget Holy Grail from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade that I've made for a Henry Jones Sr cosplay/Indiana Jones photoshoot. The Grail was made from a bowl and salt shaker superglued together then covered in air dry clay...
  14. Gordon Gekko

    Interest Grail Tablet Fragment

    I'd like to gauge interest for run of non-canon Grail Tablet fragments from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. This is a piece I have been wanting to do for sometime having already completed the Tablet and Shield years ago. This is a theoretical fragment of another Grail marker. It has...
  15. Luke0312

    Done / Completed Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - Elsa Lucky Clover Zippo - 2017

    Alright, I now have some lighters available for sale. I have nine in hand and will be getting more in as soon as these go out. I had extra sides made, so will have them available for anyone interested. I'll be sending out PMs to those who expressed interest. Here's some pictures of the final...
  16. keepcalmcostume

    Rule 63 Indiana Jones (Adapted and Original Design)

    FINALLY starting on this sucker after pretty much a lifetime of wanting to be Indiana Jones when I grew up. I decided that rather than keep it strictly screen accurate, since I was already doing Rule 63, I'd make some changes and adapt the costume to be more geared towards 1930s women's...
  17. PhantomForge

    Hand Thrown Ceramic Holy Grail Replica

    Took a ceramics class during the second half of the summer, and took this chance to try to make a Holy Grail replica actually made of clay. "Didn't this guy just try to make a resin one of these?" Yes but I'm never satisfied, and sorta bonkers. Anyways, first attempts weren't that bad; not very...
  18. Ramsey

    My replica of the "friar's manuscript" from "indiana Jones and the Last Crusade"

    Here are a few pictures of a prop I just finished at about 2:00am this morning.... and here is a peek inside....of course only a few of the pages are printed....I wish I had take the time to do them all, though.
  19. Indy Magnoli

    Unlimited Run Blank GRAIL DIARY by Magnoli (New or Aged finishes available)

    UPDATE: This latest run has the correct sized debossed border and printed marbled endpapers scanned directly from photos of the original prop. Based on Henry Jones, Sr.'s Grail Diary: bound in genuine leather with a debossed decorative border, this old fashioned diary contains 256...
  20. PhantomForge

    "That's the Cup of a Carpenter"—My Holy Grail Build

    I've wanted my own grail replica for years, but never thought of trying to sculpt my own because I know I'd obsess over getting the right dimensions and never finish it. It wasn't until I saw Luke0312's build with a wooden frame (which you can find here) and some of Volpin's work that I was...
  21. coozco

    [HELP] Sallah shoes from The Last Crusade

    I'm having trouble finding wingtips in the inverted white/brown like Sallah has in the Last Crusade. Does anyone know what else these shoes may be called or if they seem custom? Thanks!
  22. keepcalmcostume

    Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade - Grail Version 1

    I already posted here about how I fell into this and the Elsa costume I'm making, but I decided to make the Grail a separate thread since it's a standalone project too (or at least started that way). I'm already calling this Version 1 because I'm inevitably going to make a more accurate second...
  23. keepcalmcostume

    Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade - Desert Elsa

    So I definitely have enough on my plate without planning, starting, and especially actively working on a new costume. MouseMeat and I are finishing some Zoolander and Gotham costumes for WonderCon, I need to tweak last Halloween's Hocus Pocus costumes eventually, we're still head-over-heels...
  24. Indy Magnoli

    Interest Silver Chalice of Antioch (cast in bronze)

    I thought of doing a new run of the historic Silver Chalice of Antioch and wanted to gauge interest: This would be cast in bronze using a traditional lost wax method with natural patina. These measure about 6" wide at the lip and 8" tall and weight a good EIGHT POUNDS! If I can get six guys...
  25. S

    Indiana Jones Free Paper Props Outdated or Missing?

    Hi, I so happen to be a huge Indiana Jones fan, and I am on a quest to try to find and recreate the many documents or props that are in the movies, games, ect. Unfortunately, I was not familiar with this site or prop replicating many years ago and came across the people and its resources too...

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