Imperial Star Destroyer Randy Cooper


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Hi to all,

This my new project an ISD Randy Cooper.

The first step, I have consolidated the structure with aluminium profile.



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The following with installation the bow of vessel and the docking bay of the Tantive.



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Really cool build so far. I was indecisive as to if I should build the SD or the Tantive from Randy as my next project and finally I decided to go for the Tantive IV, Randy shipped it out yesterday so the waiting game is on :)

Will follow your progress with interest as I am sure I will get one of these bad boys sooner then later.


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My next project after the ISD will be the Tantive RC, I will follow your WIP Tantive with interest ;)

I have advanced on the project with the installation of the left side part and lightUp.



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This is truly impressive ... I'm going to do a lot of research on Randy Cooper's magnificent Star Destroyer before I even dare touch and begin on my own kit ... I'm gonna need all the help I can get ... so I'll follow your build closely :)



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Lights always look good. Never tried actual lights. Looks like a lot of work. I don't think I would hardly ever turn the lights on.


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Looking good DJ Sly!

All those kilometers of FO will make a big difference once she is finished.


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I wish I could do stuff like that from scratch.

the best I can do is try and design it in 3D and have someone print it.
And even then because of the nature of 3D, the angles never look right.