Imperial Star Destroyer Randy Cooper

The panel lines and dark grey filter.











I can hear Vader walking down the aisles accompanied by the Imperial March ... and some bountyhunters following in his footsteps :)

Nice ... seeing this STAR DESTROYER all lit up ... I must admit it makes this RC model truly come to life ... :)

Stunning work! I did not get the RC SD but the smaller Anigrand Version...still an impressive model but.
Will finish my Slave 1 build before starting the SD. Your build will for sure help me along when starting the build.
Again, simply brilliant work and very inspiring.

Good luck on the Tantive, the one I built needed some resin dewarping and pretty tricky bondo work but in the end its a very impressive model.
Your blurred tantative shot, for a second as I scrolled down I thought it was a comparison of a screen shot and you were going to show yours as I lowered down, just shows how realistic this looks , I always think you know when a model is well done is while the SD is not the first on my list (mainly due to space) when you see a quality build on RPF it makes you WANT that kit .......very well done
Wow, a great looking model, the Lightning and the base looks great too!
How did you made the base?
Can you recommend this model from Randy?
Thank you!

For an all white ship, it's tough to get it to look right with the paneling and did a damn nice job.
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