If props really worked


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I'd have to go with "I Dream of Jeannie" genie bottle with Barbara Eden-esque genie inside. She could just blink up all the other crap I wanted.


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BumbleBee, awesome'd up DOTM version. He can be a guardian and transporter. Or Jazz. Do Transformers need gas? I think they don't so there's another plus.

Duke's Accelerator Suit so i can race my Autobot friend on foot lol

Fully Functional Marty Jr. self adjusting jacket with drying mode
Nike Air Mags with functional self lacing technology
the Nike bag, but i'll have one in a short time :)
Thwomp Stompers!

And lastly.... The Grid then write in anything else i want

cayman shen

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Lightsaber. Not because it'd be useful, but because it's cool, and I would be like some total stoner just staring at it. On...off. On...off. Woah.

Rocketeer jetpack might be a close second. Because, you know, flying.

Edit: no, screw that, the guy's robot wife from Serenity. Yup. I'll take that one...

Sluis Van Shipyards

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I'm going to sort of copy Shylaah, but say the Predator's cloaking shield. Monetarily I could do well with that. I could be a spy, detective, military, etc. A lightsaber would be fun for a while, but just chopping stuff up would get old after several years. :lol


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I was going to say a sonic screwdriver until Goodwolf mentioned the TARDIS. But then, seeing as how the TARDIS provided the 11th Doctor with his sonic screwdriver, I guess I'd get them both (though I'd want the 9th/10th Doctors' version)! :)


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Jeanie's bottle, no doubt - it's the gift that keeps on giving. Need a lambo? Blink, there it is in your driveway. Need a burger and fries? Blink, there it is on your table. Who the hell would need anything else?

The portal gun is a neat idea, but considering you can only have 2 active portals at any one time - and you travel to the place where you want the second portal anyway, it seems kind of pointless.

I mean wake up, zap a portal in your closet, fly all the way to wherever you want to go and zap another portal, The only upside is that the trip home is instantaneous. To use thailand as an example - how many times could you travel there before getting bored? Or anywhere for that matter? The fact that you have to get to where you want to go before you can go there, makes it pointless.

Though if you want to have fun - zap a portal in your toilet and one over the bed of your enemy :lol. Or one in your living room and one in the playboy mansion :love.



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Bah! Hands down - a (working) Vortex Manipulator.

What to do this weekend? How about the World's Fair in 1893?
In the mood for fine dining? It makes Dine & Dash whole worlds easier.
I would also totally use it to get first editions of all my favorite books (signed by the author, of course - "Hey! Happy Birthday! Have this signed first edition of Newton's "Principeia Mathmatica. Am I sure? Absolutely! I've got three more at home.").

Yes, a Vortex Manipulator is WAY better than a TARDIS (since it's always with me). In a sticky situation? BAM! Another place, another time. No need to find your way back to the TARDIS, you just push a button on your wrist and you're off!


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The portal gun is a neat idea, but considering you can only have 2 active portals at any one time - and you travel to the place where you want the second portal anyway, it seems kind of pointless.

I would totally plant a portal in London so I could go back whenever I wanted. Alternatively though, it does have other uses. For example, I live on the top of a hill and from my balcony I can see some of the buildings on my college campus about 3 miles away. With a decent scope, that's an instant commute every day.


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The Infinity Gauntlet.
That should about cover it for being utterly omnipotent.
But I guess they didn't show it do anything in Thor but it least it has
made a film appearance now.

So something along those lines that would pass on great powers like a
Green Lantern ring.

Or if I can't indulge in being all powerful, something like a Trek shuttlecraft.
That fits in a garage, so it qualifies.

I dunno man, I start thinking what allows you to do incredible things.
The Time Machine perhaps?

A working tricorder with all the future tech information could transform humanity.

For fun?

How about the Spinner?

Does it have to fit in a garage???

I always wanted to go to work driving Mecha-Godzilla.


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1) Sonic Screwdriver (11th)
2) Tardis
3) Lightsaber
4) Marvin the Depressed robot (alan rickman ver.) - to remind me that things can and always get worse
5) A Beta capsule - who doesnt want to turn into a 50 foot alien and fight monsters once a week?
6) 2010 War Machine Suit
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