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I'm sure this has been visited many times but if it has I know I've missed it. I did a little searching and did not come up with anything. So I present to you this discussion:

If you could own one prop that actually functioned as it is present in the film, what would it be.

I'd like to stay away from "the Enterprise" or "Death Star" or anything like that. Let's stick to something that would fit in your room or garage, or even something you can hold. In the spirit of things, let's also think about the feasibility of it. For example, you wouldn't want the BTTF1 DeLorean because it required Plutonium...not an easy substance to acquire making it nothing more than a car. If any of us actually owned a lightsaber you know you would be dead or have severed a limb by now. I even thought of the gadget from "my science Project"...but then would you really use it based on what you know about it? A Stargate? Not much good if you don't know how to operate it... Ya catching my drift?

Would it be a weapon? A vehicle? Feel free to comment on everyone's choice based on feasibility.

The power requirements for it might not make in our world but....

Food Replicator.

I'm hoping they come up with one before my Mon dies so I can sample all her stuff. I know it wouldn't be the same, but it'd be worth a shot.
I was thinking that too about lightsabers that they are probably too dangerous to handle in reality. Blaster rifles would require a power source and gass cartridges that don't exist too, so I guess I'll go with an 11 million dollars worth SAINT robot from "Short Circuit".
I'd like a speeder bike, please! Yes, there's lot of engineering challenges on this one (power source, anti-grav, nutball drivers) but it sure would make my commute awesome :)
Portal gun, think about it .. Travel to another country, bam a blue portal , travel home, bam a yellow portal.... and now you can be in thailand in a second... pretty handy.
My friends,

if one prop worked, it would be the Nueralyzer, and Meagan Fox would be it's first victim. We would live happily in our open relationship for a long long time. I would also have a great paying job in a nice office and not do a damn thing. yes I need a Nueralyzer.
Something to think about... A blaster would be good for a while, depending on which movie/show it was from. Speaking of power source, was it ever mentioned how long a Proton Pack is meant to function?

I think a WALL-E would be nice to have around. Self sufficient, a helper, will be around a long time, knows how to repair itself...
Nueralyzer and Fox... mmmm That's funny right there! :) :) :)

On the Portal gun... How do you select where you want to go? How would you not appear "in a wall" or in front of a bus or something?
I would love to say a Lightsaber but I'd probably cut off an appentage within a couple of hours...I would say I would love a fully functional Hoverboard. :)
A sonic screwdriver is a safe bet for sheer convenience but I'm also leaning toward a Black & Decker hydrator because I like easy pizza.
Nueralyzer and Fox... mmmm That's funny right there! :) :) :)

On the Portal gun... How do you select where you want to go? How would you not appear "in a wall" or in front of a bus or something?

Well, you first travel traditionally to the place that you wanna go, then you make a portal at a wall there. Then travel back home you make a portal at home and now you can walk right back to the place you where. Or you just point and make a portal at a mountain and when you get there you point and make a portal as far away as you can get.
Something like the movie Jumper
The problem with portals is anyone can use them. So you can bet you would need to hide the portals well.

Well, if video games like Portal count...

I want a Battlemech. Preferably something awesome and rugged. Probably an old school small light like a Stinger. Uses fusion power and has an internal filtration system so you can pour any water based stuff in it and it will run. The fluff even talks about mechwarriors topping off their tank themselves so to speak in the field.

Has gear to hook it up to a power grid so I can sell it's power to the power company and power my house.

Only needs a little basic maintenance if you don't treat it too rough and can last for hundreds of years.

And that's not even mentioning jumpjets, running 80 miles per hour down the highway plus a big ass laser and machine guns. Honestly though what would probably happen after having fun for a couple of days I'd need to sell it before I got into trouble. Hell, just parting the girl out for R&D would set me up for 10 lifetimes.
Remember that black hole 'thingy' from the old road runner and coyote show.....
Throw it on the floor and "everything" fits into it.. throw it on the ceiling and you got your stuff back!
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