Kenny Hosey

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So I purchased a latex Groot mask from HurleyFX a while back and I'm working on the complete costume. Thankfully, I'm 6'7", so I won't have to do too much to make myself taller. I'll be posting pictures of the build here as I go. I'm welcoming suggestions and comments to help me improve the appearance of this costume. So far I have added in black lenses from a pair of kids sunglasses and painted the mask. I still have to add in the moss effect and have built in a speaker to the mask that will play "I am Groot" audio clips from the movie when buttons in the gloves are pressed. I'm working on the arms using pipe insilation foam that I've distressed with a dremel to give a wood appearance.

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you look like the younger version of chris pratt/starlord when he was a little bit chubbier. (not meant rude, but you look pretty spot on)

Kenny Hosey

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So I have 8 days left to finish Groot for MegaCon. I've started work on the legs and I've made some good process on the arms and torso. I'm definitely learning as I go. I've also added in 5" platform boots, which will put me at abou 7'6" with the mask on.

IMG_3726.JPG IMG_3815.JPG IMG_3973.JPG
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