How to set for time an Aliens pulse meter


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So not the 100% correct model but I found this yesterday at a pawnshop for 20 bucks! But I can’t seem to find anywhere on the web on how to set the proper time. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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Have you held the lower right side button down for a few seconds? Says SET so i would assume a long push until something flashes. Thats how most watches of that era worked.
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If you didnt already i would check the battery to see if its any good or corrosion. The set button is how you set it so maybe the watch is shutting off when pushed on that side from intermittent contact or the batt is low and doesnt have enough juice to enter program mode. Im guessing but if it goes blank there is a problem with the watch.
The watch works great. I figured it out. You have to be on the main screen then press the “lock” button then the seconds blink. Then press the upper right button to set the time.
Thanks anyway.

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