Haslab Ghost Trap & PKE Meter


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Screen Shot 2023-10-27 at 1.24.29 PM.png

Screen Shot 2023-10-27 at 1.27.30 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-10-27 at 1.27.41 PM.png
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Just backed it from the UK, and it's over 1300 already.

I absolutely LOVE my proton pack (especially after a few modifications and enhancements).

IMG_1485.jpeg IMG_1554.jpeg IMG_1573.jpeg IMG_1342.jpeg IMG_1432.jpeg IMG_1650.jpeg IMG_1638.jpeg

I've been hoping ever since for Hasbro to do a trap of the same quality. From the pictures and video it looks as if they've done just that! And considering that you can pay £80 or so for a Spirit/Fun trap without a pedal here in the UK, the £300 price point is a no-brainer, especially with the updated PKE meter too, which was a nice and unexpected extra!

Hopefully this double-pack it will be just as popular as the proton pack was and get fully funded. Fingers crossed!
I skipped the Hasbro Proton Pack and got the recent Spirit Life Size version (a lot more economical for me).
But this looks like it will be worth the price, with all the lights, sounds and moving features.
Sadly, as is standard for Hasbro, it aint available here in Australia. Hopefully one of the local collectable shops like Zing or EB Games will stock it.
I managed to pick up the HasLab Unicron and the Pulse Rifle from local shops, so fingers crossed this will also be available.

Looks at least reasonably accurate, to my far-from-expert eyes?
just saw this on Ghostbusters New's YouTube channel and was super surprised by this news.
Cause after the Proton Pack I wasn't expecting Hasbro to make more GB props.
So, I'm very, very happy, and excited. GT and PKE meter look amazing.
I backed the proton pack and will definitely back this set.
and as I post this, there is 7625 backers from the target of 10000 in about a day
At this rate, it might reach 10000 or more by tomorrow
Woo hoo! I'm in! Missed the Haslab Proton Pack and Neutrona Wand too, but made my own. These are so nice, can't wait!
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Are these any different than the previously released PKE Meter and Ghost Trap? I have both of those already...
First the pke is the Afterlife variation, and it is supposed to have real EMF detection meaning it will react to real world objects emitting an electro-magnetic frequency. The trap is supposed to have alternate "ghost" trapping sound settings depending on which colored cylinders you put on it.

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