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I'm a big fan of Tom Clancy The Division game. A big enough fan that there is a named weapon in the game that is named after me (Splintershield). Its called the Shield Splinterer and its an F2000 (see pic).

I got my own airsoft replica of an F2000. I painted it but what I REALLY want to do it recreate the embossed filigrees on the sides.
But I have NO IDEA how to do this. The only idea I've had was to custom-print some huge stickers of the embossed sections and stick them on the sides. But it would actually be embossed, just 2D. Does anyone know of a method or technique for making this kind of thing?

Many thanks!

~Matt Shields
What are the options for executing your idea, in my opinion:

1. We measure the area where we need to engrave. First, in Corel Draw, draw the contours of the relief. Next, we draw a 3D relief in Artcam or other 3D design programs, and transfer it - to the airsoft F2000 - using a CNC machine, with thin cutters. The result will be good.

2. Only a volumetric laser marker + 3D relief models obtained from step 1. I think this will not work well on plastic. Small details melt.

3. Having 3D models of patterns, print them on a photopolymer printer, and then glue them. Very difficult result, a lot of work.

Here is my opinion.

Make 3d models of the pattern and engrave them on the airsoft F2000

P.S. I know many stories when copyrighted content is included in the game. Many games have this. This is the first time I see the author. My respect!
The texture is quite complicated. From the low rez photo, I can see that the stylized mesh texture looks to be round. That part wouldn't be that hard to replicate using a 3d program. All you would have to do is design one section and repeat it in an array. The swirls, rose and shield embellishments would be more difficult to replicate. However, you may be able to import the design to a 3d program and the shadow and light areas may be able to replicate a suitable pattern, but I think you would need a much higher resolution photo.

3D printing this may be a challenge and if you just do the layer of embellishments, you might be able to peel them off your resin printer bed without damaging them, ( I don't recommend using an FDM printer since a lot of detail would be lost and the layer lines would look terrible. Resin printed details would have to be printed in pieces and glued onto the surface piece by piece, but I'm certain it wouldn't stand up to any sort of rough handling. But if it's only for display it should be ok.

Have you tried searching or for a 3d file?

I would 3d model and print, even in FDM. Model the chain links at a thickness of 1mm, borders at 1.6mm, and the other detailing can be bumped out to 3mm or so. A tuned printer can run that in a gold PLA nicely, and it will spatula off the bed nicely. A hair dryer will make quick work of shaping the stock bottom piece as well.

The only issue I see is that you need accurate templates of your rifle to pattern the pieces. As a rule of thumb, you can't trust the measurements and proportions of different replicas to the real deal, sizes and positions vary too much to be reliable. With some patience, you should be able to make paper templates of the flats where the embellishments go. Run them through a scanner/printer with a couple of measurements for scale, and you can use those to model the pieces yourself or commission someone else to do it.

It's a bit of legwork, that's just how I would do it. A Cricut or Silhouette-cut stick-on appliance won't have the depth that I would want.

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