Help please choosing a "cool" Balaclava

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by The Wook, Feb 10, 2006.

  1. The Wook

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    I've checked out some sites that sell Balaclavas online, but they all seem to be made for the chilly and windy outdoors. Which tells me that they're gonna be hotter than dog's breath underneath a costume--but I am only guessing that since I've never worn one.

    What I need is a Balaclava that is thin and cool and breathes well. Ideally, one that does not cover my eyes, nose or mouth. It must be black. And if I can be really picky, a black that has a matte finish. (In other words, not super shiny, like some spandexy materials can be.)

    If any of you costumers out there could offer me any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks. :)

    The Wook
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    Hey Wook,

    I bought mine at a motorcycle shop here in Aus, Oxford Coolmax, it's light and 100% cotton.

    I found it here......

    it's the second one down. I also notice that there's a silk one, I'd assume it would be even cooler. I did split mine open to expose my face and it's ideal for me being a TIE pilot.

    Hope this helps.


  3. Trooper TK409

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  4. fettster

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    look at motorsport suppliers for one of the balaclava's you wear under your helmet.

    Should do the job
  5. synasp

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    Try a coolmax balaclava. I used a coolmax/nomex balaclava for airsoft SWAT in the summer, and it was by far the coolest.

    I tried a Froogle search, but came up with neoprene--I think neoprene is made to retain heat for when you're under water, no?

    Anyway, just a suggestion.
  6. CMANavy

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    Under Armor makes a cool one. It is made out of the cold gear material and you can either have it stopr at you neck, show your full face or just your eyes. It looks cool and is around $25.
  7. Jayn

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  8. The Wook

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    Thanks everyone for the "cool" suggestions. :)

    The Wook
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  10. Durasteel Corporation

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    :lol :lol :lol :lol

    -tread that was perfect.

    on a serious note, you DONT NEED a full piece of pastry on your head.

    Just something that goes up part of the way.

    Those full hoods are hot as hell. Under fiberglass or plastic....

    hmm, brain melt with some tasty baclava.

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