Help needed with Medicom Jack Bauer!


New Member are getting an authentic Medicom Jack is bootleg?

If it is authentic Medicom, then I guess all you can do is to repaint it.


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Of course it's authentic, and I know the only way to fix it is by repainting it. I just need some help. Maybe I can send it to someone to fix?


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Spray some light gray primer on it and repaint the skin (face and hands) by a coat of correct skin tone (by using airbrush) than complete the details as you want them to be by using fine brush and correct paints.

However if I were you and if I had a chance, I'd just return it..without getting into trouble of painting


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Sorry to say it , but that final product looks more like Dr. Smith than Jack Bauer.



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Here's what I think needs to be done:

Eyebrows need to be completely painted over and then slightly colored. They are way too bold and dark. Hair color needs to be lighter (dark blond). Skin color needs to be made darker. Eyes need to be changed from the current light blue to a darker blue/green. And finally, a slight 5 o'clock shadow could be added. My mock up is crude, but it looks 100X better.

Can anyone do such a job?


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Apart from the painting, the sculpt is pretty damn good. I think your recommendations are right on. Hopefully someone will be able to help you with this.


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That's amazing, but I could never do that. If I could send the figure to someone who could paint it like that, I would. Please, anyone who is willing and able, speak up.