HELP: Looking for small, colored LED lights


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Hi, I'm looking for some small, colored LED lights (preferably green and red) for a project I'm looking at starting. The closest things I can think of that are close to what I need are the lighting kits I see on the Blade Runner blasters around here.
Anyone have any suggestions?
Help is appreciated, thanks.


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Red and green lensed LED's, and this definitely seems to be on the right track. Thanks! :D
Do they come with wiring and battery packs and switches or do those come separately? If they do come separately where's a good place to get those?


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Also check out EBAY , I've gotten lots off of there from China really cheap and usually free postage out of Hong Kong , only drawback is they take 2 to 3 weeks to arrive but you can by in bulk.

Pharmer Ray

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If you have a Frys electronics close by you (or even on-line actually) they have all kinds of led light kits and small projects that include battery connectors and switches which are pretty easy to modify to work with different projects.
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