Help Identifying Xenomorph Warrior Head


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Hope this is the right sub-forum, but I think this is technically wearable...

A trip to a local comic store yesterday yielded an interesting find, a 1:1 (at a glance) Xenomorph head. Unfortunately this is the only photo I have at the moment.


It's busted up, cracking, and smells old. However I can't seem to match it to any commonly replica available heads.

It appears to some kind of rubber, with a metal mesh caked into it, and is hollow. It has a mold line down the middle. There's no plaque or info I could see anywhere.

I think it's based on the Aliens Xenomorph Warrior, but I can't get a match with any specific home brew or licensed replica. The detailing appears to be hand sculpted, then cast in the rubber, which is ablout 1/2inch thick from where I can see through a broken hole in the top of the head.

Anyone have any leads?
Well, for better or worse, it's ours now.


I found details on the plaque. "ALIENS"

TM & C 1986, 1998 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved
OGAWA STUDIOS 1/1 SCale Latex Model Sculpted by TAKASI ODA

This has raised more questions then it answered, as I could only find two references to it online, and in both cases it was people asking what they were:
big_alien_head (1).jpg

The base differs on all three it seems. Anyone have any ideas?
from the description

ALIENS 1/1 Life Size Scale Latex Head Statue Bust Model by Ogawa Studios

Officially licensed by Ogawa Studios in Japan, Made in 1998, number 11 out of 25, RARE foam filled life size Alien Warrior Xenomorph bust from the movie Aliens "2". Sculpted in Japan by Takasi Oda.
Brilliant! Where'd you find this information? If there were indeed only 25 made, it would explain why I can't find much information.
i had put the link in. don't know why it didn't save
Might be a spam prevention thing.

I have checked mine, the eBay one seems to have a serial number molded in on the neck, behind the copyright info, mine lacks this.

An other difference is the base, that is, it has one.


The bottom of the base has the full Xenomorph, very obviously inspired by Giger's painting. I suspect, with the run being limited to 25, we may never know what these looked like out of the box, or if this one was made beyond those 25, or if it's number was simply left off. I am curious why the base has not shown up on any of the others.

Also I think maybe this may have been more appropriate in the Sculpture & Makeup Effects forum.

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