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  1. Moosh89

    Want to Buy Aliens Metal Pulse Rifle Parts

    Looking for a few parts for my pulse rifle build. Most notably I'm looking for a SPAS 12 cage/pump grip combo and some accurate aluminum shrouds. Also interested in barrel finishings and stock. Must be able to ship to Canada.
  2. NostromoCrew

    Weyland-Yutani, in world, Clothing Label

    Hey there! I have a bunch of these left over, this label was designed by myself, inspired by the design work of Ron Cobb's semiotic standard. As an add on to my Weyland-Yutani, Alien, Aliens, clothing articles, such as hats, jackets etc... The label is professionally printed, durable and...
  3. Rufus72

    All metal Aliens Smartgun

    Hi there, I want to show my Aliens M56 Smartgun build. It‘s completely made from metal and I was able to receive some original parts to do it. The base is a deactivated MG53, which is quite similar to the original used MG42. But it‘s much easier to get and a lot cheaper ;-). I hat to do some...
  4. K

    Apollo 18 - Mission Patch Art

    Hey everyone! I've been kind of in a retro apollo mood after doing the Moontrap patch so I figured I would knock out Apollo 18. Its another one that I know a lot of people didn't like the movie but I'm a sucker for Apollo-era stuff and if you throw in aliens I'm all about it lol I hope some...
  5. Echo4890

    Want to Buy M41A Pulse Rifle Shroud / Parts

    Currently looking for some parts to help with a Hero PR project. Interested in various PR parts, most notably a sling and a shroud. Thank you!
  6. dmpsk8

    Resin Pulse Rifle - Rusty and Weathered

    Up for grabs is a solid resin Pulse Rifle. It's finished to look worn, rusty and discarded on LV-426. This rifle began as a b-cast, that was finished to embrace a beat-up look. The barrel tip is metal, and the display stand is custom. The counter is static, but looks sharp in person. This is a...
  7. KitSmasher

    Aliens Motion Tracker - "Pump Widget" , Sphygmomanometer, whatever

    Can someone point me in the direction for one of these? I'll buy the BP wall mount off eBay even, I just need to know which one. "Assess" supposedly is the brand but I can't find one, but allegedly there are others. OR if someone has one for sale. I understand there was a bulk offer of them...
  8. Jake Kassnoff

    Alien Xenomorph Costume

    I made an alien:
  9. Seananigans

    Another 3d Printed Pulse Rifle.

    Just thought I'd post my attempt at the Aliens Pulse Rifle, the stl file I used was pretty old and very rough around the edges so needed loads of sanding/filling/repeat, I wasn't happy with the first shroud colour (too green) so I sanded yet again and added more bess Brown to olive drab. Anyways...
  10. mrcarkeys42

    Nostromo Mug (Ceramic)

    So I’ve seen a few threads about the mugs on the nostromo from alien, it’s a cool design and figured it would be nice to have! I know the ones in the movie are plastic and made by Tupperware, but I thoought it would be nice to have a real ceramic mug with the same design! A friend of mine from...
  11. elvismay

    Audrey 2 - Little Shop of Horrors - Replica

    I had the head (based on detailed photos of the original head mold from the film) , neck, and three leaves sculpted and base painted from an artist in the Netherlands. I did detail painting, added the various leaves and petals, original maxwell house can, and mixed a hardening craft soil out of...
  12. tmax

    Interest Aliens - M41A Pulse Rifle Kit with Electronics

    Seeing what interest there is for a 3D kit of the M41A Pulse Rifle from Aliens... There are a few kits of this out there, but ours would be 1:1 scale and as screen accurate as possible. We will have a few moving parts - retractable stock, moving trigger, sliding shotgun grip, removable mag...
  13. TXTrooper

    Galactic Swag Expo 2019 July 27th & 28th

    I wanted to let everyone know that our 2nd Galactic Swag Expo will be on July 27th & 28th. This year we are teaming up with the Esports Stadium in Arlington, TX. Our first show last year went pretty well except for the flooding on Saturday but we still had a nice turn out. Along with even more...

    Problems with Matsuo?

    Hi all,I started a deal with Matt in February and put down a deposit on it.I haven't had the item yet,5 months later.I know that Matt has had a few problems of late and admits himself that the job has gone on longer than expected and that he has others waiting too. I was wondering if anyone...
  15. mrcarkeys42

    Prometheus Ampule

    I'm taking a ceramics class this semester and one of our projects is making a tall coil pot so I decided to re-create an ampule from Prometheus and alien covenant! I only have a few classes to make it so it wont be perfectly accurate and I had to tone down the size for time, the smallest ones in...
  16. mrcarkeys42

    Alien Acid Blood

    I’m recreating the alien acid blood effect as seen in the alien movies for a project, I know the effect was done by pouring acetone onto a styrofoam board but what I don’t know is how they gave it that caustic yellow color. I’ve tried using food coloring but the acetone stays translucent, does...
  17. mugatu


    Hello! I have a complete Racal Amplivox Minilite Headset, just like the ones used by Han and Luke on the Falcon in the gunner turrets. I’m looking for a Beyerdynamic HM560 Headset for trade. SW for Aliens. What you get: Racal Amplivox Minilite Headset What I get: Beyerdynamic HM560 Headset...
  18. skiffy

    Aliens APC 1:18 scale with interior

    This is a build I've been on and off with for a while now. My intention is to have an interior which means that the exterior will be larger (in human scale) than the model/vehicle as filmed. A long time ago Mattel produced a Space 1999 Eagle Transporter play-set with an interior and I've...
  19. SophieRipley

    Alien: Isolation Amanda Jumpsuit help !!!

    Hey all, i'm new here!! I'm looking to make an amanda ripley cosplay, and id love some advice on where to get a similar jumpsuit to the one she wears in the game, price is not an issue. either a fully completed one, or a base to start on would be amazing. i would prefer online links to places...
  20. M

    aliens, facehugger stasis tube

    Hi, im new here so i'm not sure how this works. First off im trying to create the "facehugger stasis tube" from aliens. I already have an unpainted facehugger. I used filler & primer + sandpaper to get a decent base coat and to get rid of the 3d printing artifacts. Now im missing a few...
  21. B

    ALIENS - "Found Item" but UK Collection Help Needed!!!

    Hi everyone After ALOT of researching, myself and a colleague have finally been able to correctly identify a found item used in Aliens. I have purchased it on eBay yesterday but the seller is adamant about collection only as the item is quite large and heavy. Is there anyone on here...
  22. M

    Want to Buy Replica Aliens Pulse Rifle, Looking to purchase.

    Hello, I live in Australia. I'd like to purchase a HGC style Aliens Pulse rifle with a working light up counter which does not count down, just turned on and stuck at 95. Like this but with a working...
  23. mercuryapollo

    Unlimited Run Aliens - Carter Burke ID card

    For Sale - Reproduction Carter Burke ID card from Aliens. A cool little prop replica from one of my favorite movies. Laser cut and engraved in clear 1/8 acrylic. Letters then air brushed into the engraving in black and yellow. **Update - Several people have asked for a personalized version...
  24. C

    Alien Queen 1:1 lifesize / Distortions Unlimited

    YOUR MAJESTY - or - A DREAM BECOMES TRUE Today was a very special day for me. For years I had the desire, one day to own a life-size Queen. Due to the rarity and the absurd prices, I assumed that this would actually remain forever a dream and wish. In so many threads here I have written...
  25. S

    USMC Motion Tracker - real parts

    As i was collectiong pieces for the Nostromo tracker, i kept coming across parts for the Aliens USMC tracker so i thought i might aswell make the most of these parts being available and start collecting for a future build or i may pass on to someone else. As you all probably know, this is the...

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