Original "Mutant Ape" head/mask sculpt


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I've been working on this piece off, and on for around a year an a half.
The concept is a diseased ape-like creature that is covered in cancerous tumors eating away at it's face. It is sculpted using a variety of plastalina clays which is why it is in multiple colors. It was sculpted over a repurposed animatronic head.
All that is left is clean up, smoothing, and adding skin texture.
It will be molded in plaster, and cast in "dragon skin" silicone.
Once finished I hope to get it hair puched for a realistic look.
It is a one-off, and I don't plan on making more than one, unless somone more skilled want's to make a production run of it using the original molds.


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How is this coming along? I would love to see any sculpture updates or the hair punch process? I have an idea of how to hair punch, but would love to see it on this level and scale. Great sculpt so far!
If you dont think a simple two part mold with silicon/plaster case would work, you can always key it in thirds, one half for the front of the face and then little wedges on the left/right side of the back, which may give you more freedom with some of the undercuts. But I honestly think a two part mold should be fine. Cant wait to see it!
It will be molded in plaster, and the mask itself will be silicone, to fit over the animatronic head the clay mask is sculpted over. It may be a while before I can cast the mold though as dragonskin silicone is super expensive.

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