1:1 Scale Xenomorph

Hey community, a try at a life sized Xenomorph! I need to get my hands on an old mannequin, until then I'm starting with the head. I'm using a toy as reference, pictured here.

Looks like your off to a great start!

And it looks like it would be a very satisfying process hand carving and shaping from the foam.

Thanks very much for sharing.
I purchased a cheap mannequin hoping to cut and make changes to the posture for the beginnings of the body. Anyone here have any ideas how i should extend the limbs? I plan on cutting the legs and waist to get a pose that looks like its poised for action, and to make the limbs a bit longer as this is only 5.5 ft and want it close to 7 ft. I'm thinking I could try making internal sleeves made from polystyrene to bridge the gap to make them longer. Any thoughts would be very helpful. Thanks community :) .
This is a great project.
The Xenomorph has a sleek and beautiful form that looks...very erotic. This is despite the fact that the suit actor is male and the design mimics male genitalia.
In that respect, it makes a lot of sense to create it using a female mannequin, and I am impressed with the body lines of the model you have created!
I look forward to seeing more progress on this project.

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