Help - How to make new metallic paint look aged?


Hi all,

Looking for advice as how to make new metallic paint look old/aged?
I have used metallic Bronze, Gold, Silver on a metal and plastic prop and it looks too shiny and New!:angry

How do I simulate rust/oxidation?
How do I simulate general wear and tear?

Any advice or tips or pics would be greatly appreciated.



Too Much Garlic

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Depending on the metal you can determine the right color to use as natural patina.

For gold, you can use heavily thinned washes of black, brown and yes, even purple.

I think the same goes for silver.

For bronze you use either black or brown, but the main color to use if pale green.

The way to apply it is to swirl it around in circles to create an uneven and irregular look and in some cases you can wipe it off again shortly after application and just continue to build up the amount of wear and tear with several washes.

ALWAYS use flat/matt colors, as they give the best result. And if using waterbased colors you'd be able to remove it again later, if you need to.

Hope that helps.


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Hmm smells like a Bison mod. Hehe, I'm working on mine too. A blackwash will get you some darkness. Red mixed with brown, black, and gunmetal is nice for rust. Drybrushing or using the sponge technique with it works pretty good for me. Drybrushing a lighter steel on a few bits where it would be worn through use or handling makes it look good too. Use gray and black where stuff might have been coated in smoke or burned etc. My 2 cents anyhow. I learned most of my painting from minis. The studio scale guys probably know the more advanced stuff.

Good tips on the advanced washes Garlic.

Need to get back to building the battery box for mine...
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