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Hey, I'm working on a Helldivers 2 B-01 Tactical costume and I'm struggling to find a good fabric for the flak vest and other parts of the costume which have a very textured fabric. I thing I found a texture pattern I like I just don't know what it's called.


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I do not recognize the specific fabric but perhaps I can give you some terminolgy to help with your search. The weave itself seems to be a "plain weave", where the yarns cross at 90 degrees. Most fabrics used a consistent size of "yarn" for all the lengthwise (warp) and crosswise (weft) threads. This is often called a "balanced" weave. Another fabric might use one size for all warp and a different size for all weft which is an unbalanced weave, which often makes the fabric have a "rib" texture where the thicker yarns stands above the thinner yarn. Furthermore this tabric seems to use a varying thickness of thick-and-thin yarns in both the weft and the warp. I do not know a specific term for this method or warping. However, Pique fabric, is a type of woven fabric which creates a textured surface such as your example. A common type is "mini waffle fabric" which is close but not an exact match. There are many possible Pique fabrics so one might meet your needs.

Edit: With a little more reseach the same term is used when you vary the distance or spacing between the warp yarns (which is also pften consistent across the width of the fabric) or varying the thickness of warp threads. These changes are called "variable sett" or "varying the sett".
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Thank you for the help, most of my struggle with finding the right fabric was what terms to use in my searches. thank you for the clarification!
Not sure if you are still looking, but I stumbled across a Youtube video going over a build of this costume and grabbed the link to the fabric:

I'll post the video if I can find it. I'm working on a modified Peacemaker pistol while I gather components to put a B-01 together myself!
Good luck!
It's a little late, but I'm not sure that waffle knit fabric is really what to use. I'm making an armour set myself and it looks like the fabric for the vest and soft parts should actually be a nylon "Cordura" type fabric. The weave pattern looks correct and is what you'd expect from a bit of military kit and more importantly it doesn't stretch like that waffle fabric does. I don't think you need to but if you wanted the larger "waffle" or square box texture on top of the cordura weave then you can always get ripstop fabric.

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