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Hi, I decided earlier this year that I wanna build myself a Hellboy cosplay, based somewhere between the Del Toro movie design and the comic design. I’m looking to make a face & neck prosthetic and a chest piece and then use padding/looser clothes to fill in the jacket & pants. (Something about doing a kinda beefy hellboy and then having my voice come out is hilarious to me).
Anyways, I’m trying to decide materials, I’m looking at silicone or latex for the face/neck pieces and probably silicone for the chest. I like pax paint for the red (since from the research I’ve been doing pretty consistently talks about having to paint edges and all anyways.)
I’ve done some sfx & body paint applications on myself but I’m just aching to do a bigger build. (Dragon Symmetra from Overwatch is another one I wanna do.)
If anyone has tips on building/casting silicone prosthetics I would love to hear them.
I’m just going to post updates on this thread as I get moving, it’ll pick up once I finish my hours for my cosmetology license in October too.


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I recently did my first silicone project (more like a pull-over mask rather than prosthetics), so I don't have much experience, but are is my thoughts from just beginning to learn the process.
  • I found Stan Winston school videos very helpful. I would recommend subscribing and watching as may on the subjects you are trying to learn about as you can. I've been watching the prosthetics ones recently.
  • Do lots of small test runs of things to get an idea how different materials work.
  • I've had really good luck with Smooth-On products and they have a technical line you can call with questions. They have been super helpful.
  • Obviously, YouTube is a great source of information. I watched tons of videos and combined many different people's techniques.
  • Test small amounts of different types clays before you commit to one for a big project. I like Monster Clay because I can take my time and it is reusable. Many people like Chavant or WED clay.
  • Define your budget. There are often both cheap and expensive ways for doing things, and understanding what you want to invest will help you pick the best process.
  • Everything has taken me much longer than I would have thought. I'm trying to finish the project I hoped to finish last year.
  • I think knowing cosmetology will be very helpful! Good luck! This is a really fun hobby.
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