1. CryptidCutie

    Hellboy Prosthetics Build

    Hi, I decided earlier this year that I wanna build myself a Hellboy cosplay, based somewhere between the Del Toro movie design and the comic design. I’m looking to make a face & neck prosthetic and a chest piece and then use padding/looser clothes to fill in the jacket & pants. (Something about...
  2. D

    Exploding statue tips

    Hi all! I hope this is the right place to post this! Ive been asked to make a replica of the head of a statue for a film. Normally I'd be fine with this but they want it to explode during a shoot out. I'll be making a mould of the original but im not sure what material i should use for the...
  3. castpixel

    Open-source Stomp sfx software for smartphones

    castpixel's STOMP I wrote a simple tool that uses a smarphone accelerometer (android or iOS) to play stomping sounds for armors, robots, etc. You can get it here castpixel/STOMP It uses two axes of detection, Z for stomping and X for general torso clangs. It also adds a trail of jingling...