1. veneziaworks

    How to Train Your Dragon - Toothless Tail Fin Prosthetic

    I've been wanting to make a prop from the HTTYD universe for quite some time and my will to do this resurfaced when I stumbled upon a working CAD model of Toothless' Tail Fin on a Reddit post. I contacted the owner of the file and he was happy to share it with me. I will probably modify the...
  2. LimeyBuilds

    Bajoran Rifle with Strap & Nose Prosthetic

    Some more detailed images of my Bajoran Rifle and nose appliancebefore blending with skin. All 3d modelled, printed, molded and cast by me, or hand sculpted and cast, in the case of the prosthetic.
  3. A

    Fake hips

    Hello, I want to make myself a lower body “suit” where it makes my hips and thighs larger. I’m very new to prosthetics but I was hoping to be able to make it with silicone? I have no fancy materials at home so does anyone know how I would go about it? I have considered buying a mannequin to use...
  4. CryptidCutie

    Hellboy Prosthetics Build

    Hi, I decided earlier this year that I wanna build myself a Hellboy cosplay, based somewhere between the Del Toro movie design and the comic design. I’m looking to make a face & neck prosthetic and a chest piece and then use padding/looser clothes to fill in the jacket & pants. (Something about...