Harry Potter winged key


Hi guys,
Tonight I have been working on the Winged key from HP & the Philosophers stone.

I had bought an old looking iron key a long time ago and I wanted to turn it into the HP winged key.
I used a sheet of acetate (or clear binding covers)
I found an image of a dragonflys wing that I liked and traced over them with a stylus. The fabulous thing was that scoring the acetate actually curled the wings! I then cut them out with a craft knife. I went over the wings with a gold ink pad and wiped the excess off, so that the gold was only in the lines.
I just need to attach the wings to the key - perhaps with a hot glue gun?
Oh and hacksaw off that chunky ring (I'm sure that'll be fun! NOT! :unsure)

I've tried to find a screen shot of those winged keys without success. If anyone has a screenshot I'd love to see it, as I will need to "break" one wing :behave


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Kris Lyssara

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That looks amazing! I love how you did the wings, I'll have to remember that technique.

As for the ring on the key, skip the hacksaw, break out the dremel. It'll make short work of the ring. And while I normally would shy away from hot glue being used functionally on a prop, I think it'd look great on this one. Just be sure to use high-temp hot glue for better heat resistance on display.


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This is awesome!! I can't wait to see how you finish it up!

One idea I had for attaching the wings, maybe run a thin piece of brass wire along the wing, and then do a little bit of wire wrapping to the key? I can't remember exactly how they attached in the movie, but that might be a neat look, especially with the old iron key?

Good luck with it, can't wait to see it finished! :)


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There were so many different flying keys in the chamber, I don't think it would really matter exactly what wing style you make your replica, as they would all be essentially appropriate. I have always made my wings with wire for attachment, as I find it more stable and also bendable for displaying. So I would concur with EZBSVS on this point.


Thanks for the feedback and the pictures picosbeak123.
Unfortunately I am very, very new to prop making and don't have any copper wire. I do have some thin wire that's on a cotton reel...although I have no idea how I would attach it to the acetate wing?

At this point I might go with the hot glue gun and if I need to I can paint the glue matching the key.

I'll upload a photo when I'm done ;)
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Beechy McFly

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Look forward to seeing the finished key.. Those wings look great.. Been wondering if anyone has done them and if there would ever be an Interest Thread..


Well I finished my key :) My kids think its just awesome mum! :lol
I only have a low temp glue gun and you can see the glue :unsure
Doesn't matter as I'll touch that up with some brown paint I think ;)
So here are some photo's of my "near" finished key. I hope it inspires others.


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Very nice Tammy! You totally inspired me!
But can i ask where you got that key? Because it looks so big,or is the picture in you're hand misleading its size a little bit?

I have some old keys here but they are regular key size that's why i ask :)


Hi Trowa I'm glad I have inspired you :)
That key is actually in my daughters hand and she's only 9 yo.
The key is very big - I did actually get an even larger key but that's going in my garden with my secret garden door :lol

I went shopping around my local garden shops that have things like garden ornaments, ponds and pots. This particular one also had lots of little brick-a-brack garden stuff.
I found the wrought iron keys there. This one cost me around $7 if I remember. It was a couple of years ago now and I'm down under in Australia, so probably not much help there sorry.
Perhaps do an ebay search for "cast wrought iron key"?


edited to add: The key measures 12.5cm or 5 inches lengthwise. HTH
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Thx a million Tammy,there are a few garden stores in my neighboorhood that sell garden things. So i will check them out,maybe i'll get lucky :)

You're daughter is a lucky girl :thumbsup


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The wings look amazing! very nice I have a big old key knocking around somewhere I might have a go at this sometime, Thanks for the idea :thumbsup
btw, if you have an old bit of tv aerial wire kicking about, theres a very usable copper wire core in the middle of tv aerial cable :)

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