Harry Potter free paper props - all movies and more!

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Is the file still available?
So my old, generic, store-bought mousepad was pretty much a crinkly mess after years of use, and so I decided to make a new one.

The design is based on Dumbledore's Desk (main reference picture came from the Artifact Vault). Design was sent to VistaPrint with 300 dpi, the colors came out a little differently than on screen, and it was a little blurry on closeup inspection, but not too shabby.

No point doing a run as it'd be way too expensive lol.

Presenting: Dumbledore's Mousepad:

View attachment 644916

View attachment 644917

View attachment 644918

PM me if you want the file, so you can order your own :).


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I'm brand new here. Don't know why I haven't stumbled on this site much sooner!

I thought others might be interested in the project I took on for many years now. I've been tracking down various obscure labels from the movie sets. If you have studio/park or movie screenshot pics of any I missed or better quality, I would love access to them.

This is some of the blanked versions I have so far for wand boxes and Hogwart's Potions class/stores. (Not all are the greatest quality, but work pretty well on smaller sized props.) There are more, including ones with the potions on them and what I have for Slughorn, in an album "Harry Potter Labels" on my facebook craft page. (I can also identify some of the fonts and graphics used if that is of use to anyone.)

Ollivander's Wand Box Labels: View attachment 1338540 View attachment 1338541

Hogwart's Apothecary Potion Class Label (blanks):

View attachment 1338562 View attachment 1338554 View attachment 1338869 View attachment 1338551 View attachment 1338556 View attachment 1338547 View attachment 1338557 View attachment 1338549 View attachment 1338548 View attachment 1338544 View attachment 1338550 View attachment 1338868 View attachment 1338545 View attachment 1338867 View attachment 1338558 View attachment 1338546 View attachment 1338559

Hogwarts Apothecary potion label references, so far: View attachment 1338542

One day I hope to make it to locations to get my own reference photos, but, alas, not yet. I would really appreciate the assistance getting clearer references for this, if anyone has access.
ok 1. these are marvellous thank you! 2. an extra thank you because I've been working out making my own wand boxes for everything I have/will have from my dear friend Ollivander II aka Ed - and his wife Janet - of Orchard Works Wands (if you haven't seen his hand-carved masterpieces look them up you'll thank me later its like actually magic), and anyway I knew I could probably find some form of labels somewhere to print out but nothing's struck me as "authentic" or even all that quality until now. You're the best!! #iadumbledoreyou

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͛ ⚯͛ ❾¾ Just wanted to say hello my fellow crafty Potterheads, give out some Hufflehugs...and I also need help. I don't know how I didn't find this site ages ago this is so incredible to see everyone's work! I can't wait to contribute - I have kind of a dumb question though... the phenomenally generous amount of graphics by Hinkypunk at the start of the thread was stated to have the links deactivated because there were so many new additions... Does anyone know where they got reposted?
Honestly, me being totally clueless technologically?


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Here's the spell chart I made: View attachment 798144
Ayyyy I'm trained professionally to instruct wand duelling classes for all ages/any class size (depending on the venue/event - I'm a prof. character impersonator mostly known for Newt but also Bellatrix atm lol) and this is a perfect chart! It's very straightforward and clean cut for easy reading but also pleasant to look at :) I've seen so many different "beginner spell charts" and I'll be honest I haven't really been a fan. I think you hit the nail on the head thanks for sharing!!
Forgive me if I do this post wrong. It is my first. So I have made a calendar based off of an image I found. The image is of the Nomaj office desk in Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them. I think it is the desk of Henry Shaw Sr. I will try to upload a high resolution so you guys can use it. I have one on my office desk and I just use the font and color I have for date specific events.

View attachment 785027

- - - Updated - - -

Okay. So the files didn't upload. Let my try this.

View attachment 785028 View attachment 785035 View attachment 785034 View attachment 785033 View attachment 785032 View attachment 785031 View attachment 785030 View attachment 785029 View attachment 785036 View attachment 785038 View attachment 785037 View attachment 785039
these are immaculate OoO

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This has been a long project that I've put off finishing for a while.
I think there are some more edits coming up, I'm pretty busy, but I'm posting what I have so far:

In case anyone's wondering, this is Ollivander's Patrimonial Palimpsest (my own idea).
It is a wand-making guide that has been passed down the wandmaker's family tree for generation.
It's readable! Some text was borrowed from pottermore, and I took liberties with the rest of it.
All the charcoal illustrations were made by me. Enjoy!

LorduDesign, for their freebie pack and all the font advice they've given us. Thank you.
There are more credits coming up for part 2, which I will post right after.

View attachment 744602
View attachment 744603 View attachment 744604 View attachment 744605 View attachment 744606 View attachment 744607 View attachment 744608 View attachment 744609
I know I'm REALLY late so I don't even know if you'll see this and I apologise in advance for the long message I'm excited but I'm in
complete awe. If I wasn't practically born a Magizoologist my career path of choice would have been wand maker, and I happen to be very close with someone we all believe absolutely has to be a descendent of Garrick Ollivander himself in every way. Him and his wife finally just got a storefront if anyone lives in New England in the US you will NOT regret visiting. Orchard Works Wands is their shop and I've actually teared up looking at some of his masterpieces. *Fun fact: if you give him your Pottermore. wand info he'll make it. In the specific model from the picture. And in the real wood of your wand. He works with 140+ types of wood I can't get enough of it. Sorry to just babble on about Ed but I know even more so after working with them as my sponsor - tbh more like family - for my debut wand duelling classes at a huge annual HP faire in MA. Professionally I play Bellatrix but mostly I'm known for Newt. Anyway - obviously Ed and Janet are HUGE HP fans and Ed is a real life hand crafted wand maker - no lathe - and I just wanted to ask if I could show this to him when I can finally visit the new store. I feel like he would be mind blown! Of course my point would be to credit you but I always like to ask first, especially if I do an actually print-up.
Absolutely phenomenal work!
And it's not my bias saying check them out, it's the same gobsmacked feeling I had the first time I saw one of their booths coincidentally at the con I was scouted at lol. Here: Etsy , Instagram , Linktree
Proud to say I taught my first class in early 2019 with my first Orchard Works wand - a Bellatrix replica x) Now I have Newt too!
*the last pic is literally a badly lit shot of my replica and the two wands my friends at the time got that Ed and Janet consider "the cheap ones". I think they're just as gorgeous.
I wanted you to see me in cosplay for some reason for some form of context before I asked if I'm also allowed possibly to put your work up on my wall with all my nice HP/FB things xP
Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 3.11.20 PM.png 61295922_855358561491867_6465236175002009600_o.jpg


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I've been gnawing on this idea for a while. Think it would be cool to add more pages.

View attachment 721875 View attachment 721873 View attachment 721874 View attachment 721872

If anyone want's to help make these:

Unspeakable Id
Department of Mysteries Map (Marauder’s Style)
Various Forms
Well I feel like an utter Dorcus having not found this place sooner. Not only could I have used this amazing work and community years ago but now all my responses are years late Dx I would have loved to have been able to jump on this post when it was made. Just -- Dumbledore-is-the-chief-warlock-of-the-Wizangamot.jpg


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