Harry Potter free paper props - all movies and more!


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Hinky....Take a deep breath and dive in. We have lost a lot of the links from page one.
Also, a lot of new items have added and scattered through out the thread. Go slow and get back in the saddle at your own speed.


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HINKY'S BACK(y)thumbsup(y)thumbsup

We missed you around here, I thought you may have been kidnapped by Voldemort or something.

Welcome back.:cheers:cheers


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Hi Hinky!!!! I am soooo glad you are back, we all missed you :thumbsup I am hoping now that the holidays are over I can get back to more things Harry :lol
Just watched the ball come down in Times Square, Happy New Year to all. I hope that it is a good year for everyone!!


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So many people, and I know none of them, and I have a bajillion private messages ><

I guess I have a lot of catching up to do.
Wow!!! your real!!! i was starting think u were a RPF Board Urban Legend:lol
Glad your back!!!

Thank u for setting this up, i was able to make a aqwesome Christmas Presen for a friend thanks to u and the rest of the ppl that contributed to this thread!!! Gracias!!!!

Check it out:


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I do believe Hinky unknowingly answered some New Years wishes from every one on this thread! welcome back! and Happy New Year everyone, may we all have another Potter filled year since we all know 2011 was not the end!


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To celebrate the New Year and the return of Hinkypunk, I'll post my version of Dumbledore's Order of Merlin certificate.

Good health, good fortune and good luck to everyone in 2012!


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hi hinkypunki, good to see you back!!! Anyone got ideas for chapters n stuff to write in the Healer's Helpmate, im thinking of making this one since we have the cover but i dont knw where to start!!


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in harry potter and the order of the Phoenix in the ministry of magic the these paper plane owls do we have a print out of it


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AGH!!, xmas eve i read all the pages and i found a fill cover for the life and lies of dumbledore, it had the spine back and cover, can someone help me find the page?


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Firstly, welcome back Hinky.

Secondly, ronsview I would appreciate if you would take down the links you posted to my photobucket account.

I consider this act a grievous violation of my privacy and am quite angry you would take it upon yourself to do such a thing. Although photobucket is readily accessible by all, I certainly did not give you permission to put a link to my account in this forum.

I'm thinking if I raised a complaint with the moderators I could probably have you banned from the rpf for such an action. I will not do so but that is how angry i am about this inconsiderate action of yours.