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Does anybody know where I can find the picture of James and Lily Potter dancing ?
I saw on this thread that somebody has displayed it .


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@sonicfreak04, I got them all off this thread. But since the links have gone haywire I'm not sure if they're viable any more. I'll see if I still have them and try and post them after Christmas. I might have a few.

@PotionMistress, Thanks! I agree completely...I just need the Harry Potter theme song to start playing every time I look at it all. :lol

@decat, it should be working fine. I'm not sure what's up but it works fine when I try and download it. I'm on dial-up right now so if it isn't working it will have to wait until I'm back at school. Sorry.

@15pezza I got the cave picture from here: http://www.therpf.com/f9/tom-riddles-photograph-94804/ I got Dumbledore's Army from a Google Image search, but I've seen in in this thread I believe. Thanks! I made the fang myself form Sculpey Clay, it looks even better in person. As for the fireworks, I haven't found any but I have seen pictures of some from the Wizarding World.
I was just wondering where you go the the cauldron cake container


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This weekend I had some time and was messing around trying to cut and paste a bunch of potion pages together from online images. I've been wanting to try and fill the inside of my potion book with more potion like pages, and just couldn't find any way to get them. Losing patience, I just sat down and tried to put something together.

Here are about 142 pages that can be downloaded in a .zip file. The images are gifs of potion page mockups. They aren't really finished pages, but a good starting point for people who might want to make pages for a potion book. All I did was base the layout off of some screen shot references. Mostly these are just to give a potential replica book the feel of an actual text book, rather than being really coherent, as the text and imagery is kind of random alchemy stuff....which I assume the original was possibly like also.

I basically found a bunch of alchemy sites online and drawings and just mashed them together very quickly (didn't really consider the design of each page.) Just keep in mind these are mostly a starting point for page designs and are not that refined. Also, they are sized at 5inx8in which is the size of my potion book replica I did earlier. I spent about 3 hours doing this one night lol....and after a while I just could not focus on them anymore, even though all i was doing was cutting and pasting and rearranging them in photoshop.

Also, the pages "were" in order somewhat, but something happened when i was messing with the files so they may not be anymore. Also not sure why the extension on them became .jpg.gif...lol, but I tested them and they open fine on my computer, let me know if there are issues.

The zip file is 60mb, too big to upload here..wasn't sure how to best upload it, so I used Megaupload. I dont think you need an account to download it, but it makes you wait 30 seconds before giving you the download link. Just click "regular" download. If anyone has suggestions where else i can upload it let me know.

Just figured i'd throw this one out there and see what people can do with it.

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Yeah! Please reupload ecl :/ And Hinky, why doesn't bfd's paper prop templates work on page 1? They're unclickable and too small :/


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@gargiss, It works now, I don't know what I did?

@Potterhead1, dumbledore's will has been done... it may be one of the broken links on the first page. I hope bfd doesn't mind me reuploading it...


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I don't have the one you have on white but I have this one that I made, hope you like it !!!

Does anyone use the search function!!!


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The files I originally posted of the potion book pages are a about 142 jpegs I believe.

I actually just put up a thread in the JY for an updated 304 page bound interior of my advanced potion book that I recently completed over the holiday. This would be a good option for people who don't want to go through all the trouble of printing pages themselves or finishing the 160+ pages to fill a book. It does come bound with a blank hardcover and takes about two weeks for the print/binding process, but would be a good project for some people if they want to finish the cover using the tutorial!

Here's the JY thread for more info:



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Hey bfd, when I watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, I remember that the Platform 9 3/4 ticket didn't have a back. Try watching it again when Hagrid gives the ticket to Harry then disappears.



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I am going to use this (Click here) tutorial for my own Advanced Potions Making hardback book. However different from most people, I am going to fill the pages in with ecl's 142 pages which I probably will add on to.

As it says in the tutorial, I have 32 pages for every 8 pieces of paper so I think I need more pages for it. Here are so pictures of my booklet below. I've only made 1 stack of 32 pages so far as I need to edit the pages ecl made in Photoshop then printing it out.

Adding on, I'll be posting my ready-to-be-printed sheets when I'm finished along with a sheet order so you could make your own! Anyways, enjoy!

P.S. @ecl - I will be changing your page 10 in your collection if you don't mind because that page is where the Draught of Living Dead is supposed to be.

@everyone else - Skim the tutorial first.